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Wildwood Acres



Resident · 2015 - 2017
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Office Staff
When I first moved in in 2015 I really thought I had found a great apartment. The people in the office were so sweet and friendly. In 2016 a new company took over and everything has changed for the worse... They have repainted the entire neighborhood but the colors they chose are horrible. The units used to have natural looking exterior paint and each unit was different. There were some stone colored units with forest green shudders, off-white units with maroon shudders, brick units with maroon or green shudders, etc.--basically typical exterior house colors. Now the entire complex is a bland gray-white with either mint green, royal blue, sky blue. It doesn't make any sense! These colors look beach house colors... but brick painted gray-white with bright colored shudders in the middle of a residential neighborhood is so tacky! In addition to that, they have added on fees for things that previously came with the apartment. For example, the backyard now costs an extra $25 on top of rent. They have added pet fees when it used to just be a pet deposit. Water is now flat rate, except the rate is way to high! Before, the highest I ever paid for water was $20/month. Now I have to pay $45 regardless of how little I use??? The overall expense of living here is no longer worth what you get for these aged, little units. Also, considering all these new fees, you think they would fix the laundry facility which always looks filthy. The machines are old and dingy. The bathrooms by the pools are disgusting as well. I used to enjoy dropping into the office to pay my rent and pick up an air filter, now I dread going in there because it's always someone new and I feel like I'm intruding. It's really such a shame because I loved my first year here and I had no plans of searching for a new apartment before the new company came in. Also, while this isn't the office's fault, my car has been broken into twice. This neighborhood borders a bad area of town and it sometimes spills over into this complex. To make matters worse, when I tried to called the TT police to report an attempted break in, the operator acted like she could care less since I didn't have a good description of the individual (it was at night and didn't get a good look). Just something to keep in mind for prospective renters here.
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Wildwood Acres

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