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2610 71st Circle, Vero Beach, FL 32966
2610 71st Circle, Vero Beach, FL 32966

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Walker Woods



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended

Reviewed 09/02/2007

We have been residents for the last few years and have been compelled to speak for some time now but today happens to be the day that we decided to speak out. We have seen two different management teams run this complex. I must say the second company was better than the first. For the most part, the girls in the office have been wonderful. Angela was always polite and helpful but then she left. Then Pamela came on and she was always a sweetie who was willing to help with everything. Then she left as well. Then Amanda came aboard and she seems to have really jumped in and taken control of things! Suprisingly enough, she is still there but for how long, who knows. Then Karen came on, who also is a sweetheart and always greets you with a smile. I began to wonder, why are all of these girls coming and going? Not to mention that the one woman who remained constant in the office was the one woman who seemed to do the least and care the least about us residents. Rhonda is the most unprofessional and fake person I have ever met in my life. Let's be honest here. She is the manager of the apartment complex that I live in and I don't expect her to be outstanding 100% of the time because I do realize people have bad days, but I am paying close to $1400 a month to live here and whenever I approach this woman, I am dealt with as if I am imposing on her time. I cannot tell you how many times I have called to speak with her and she never, ever returns my phone calls. As for the maintenance staff, they are always friendly although I see our complex starting to look less than stellar. Why is it, I wonder, that the new people that move in get thier door's painted? When the rest of us have doors that are faded pink and look terrible? This also goes for the sad looking shutters. Several months ago, the clubhouse was updated and although yes it is nice, that only impresses the "new" people that are coming in looking for information. What about the people who have been here for a few years? Then a few months ago, they decided to do a little "patch" work on the parking lot. That looked and still looks terrible. Can we not afford to have the whole driveway paved properly? Again, I pay too much for a place that does not seem to care about the current residents. Let's touch base now on the landscaping. How is it that a professional service comes once a week to care for our property yet our sidewalks and mulched areas are bursting with weeds????? Isn't the purpose of mulch to make the flowered and bush areas presentable? Not to mention the areas around the garages. There are several areas where the buildings are lined with rock, mulch AND weeds. Very nice indeed. Last but not least, we have our orchid bushes that lately have been doing much better, but still from time to time get butchered. Gardening is a hobby of mine and I realize thise bushes must be trimmed but not every week. Finally, I would like to approach the subject of pest control. For some reason, when we have had problems with pests we cannot get anyone to take care of it for us. Now I do realize we can go and purchase bait/etc from the store and we have had to do that on several occasions, but what happens when that doesn't work. We call the office and we're told we have to wait till the pest control guy comes back out, since he only comes 1 time a month. And then a month goes by and we never get a visit and we find out that they somehow missed us. I am so frusterated with this apartment complex, which is why I am sending this the corporate company as well. It is obvious from the parking lot that there have been a ton of move outs and I have to laugh because the reasons for it being so empty are so obvious. Poor management and poor upkeep.
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Walker Woods

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