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Walker Woods



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Office Staff
Cougar_in_Training • Resident 2008 - 2009 Recommended
Reviewed 01/13/2009
I moved in about 7 months ago from the Midwest. I found this place online and all transactions were done via email and phone calls. The staff has been really nice and efficient. The place looks a bit sterile, but nice nonetheless. Good things about Walker Woods: 1. It's quiet. 2. The neighbors seem to be pretty decent. 3. There's plenty of parking. 4. The office staff is very receptive. 5. The maintenance staff is really quick to fix anything. 6. The Office staff goes the extra mile to please their residents--sometimes by holding parties for them in the clubhouse. 7. The layout of the actual buildings around the lake is kinda cool. 8. The walls are pretty thick. 9. The pool stays pretty clean. 10. The apartments themselves are contemporary, stylish, and functional. 11. WASHER AND DRYER IN THE UNIT FTW! 12. Private stairway in the upstairs units. 13. Lots of storage in the downstairs apartments. 14. They have a clause in the lease in case you're looking to buy a house. You essentially get stuck paying two months rent, but you get out of the lease and you get your deposit back. Things that aren't so good about Walker Woods: 1. No porch or balcony. All you have to claim as your own outside is pretty much half of a front door stoop that will accommodate one camping chair. 2. Stoves could stand to be updated--they work great, but sort of clash with the rest of the contemporary kitchen. 3. The "laundry area" coincides with what is supposed to be dining room space in some of the units, making it impossible to set up a dining room table. 4. The ants. I hear that facing the lake is worse, and I do face the lake. 5. "Pest Control". Lame. They come once a month (if at all), and spray water, probably. They certainly haven't dealt with the ants--I finally had to do that myself with bait/traps, and I STILL cannot leave opened dry goods in my pantry--they all have to go into the refrigerator--yeah...chips, pasta, you name it. 6. For the love of god, don't pay your rent late...this is, after the 6th. I actually FORGOT about it one month and paid on the 7th. I was slapped with a $100 late fee and had to pay by money order or cashier's check. Given that my bank is still up north, I could do neither. So i used my ATM card..at which point i was THEN slapped with another $25 fee for using a card. 7. The cable. It works fine, and yes, the apartments are cable-ready. However, I don't even watch TV. I have no use for it. But I'm forced to have it because it's there, and consequently, I have to pay for it too...and it's added to the rent. All in all, the place is pretty decent really. I moved here from a ------, so maybe I'm not the most objective person here. :) --Not an employee.
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Walker Woods

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