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Walker Woods



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Office Staff
Resident 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/20/2009
My boyfriend and I moved there because all of the other apartments in the area seem to be income restricted. When we were originally looking, I made too much by myself to live in the other apartments so Walker Woods seemed the place to live. Overall it wasn't too bad but there could definitely be some improvements made. We requested to have the carpets cleaned before we moved in because my bf is allergic to cats and plus it should be cleaned anyway. Well one of the first days we were in there, my bf found a toenail on the bedroom floor. Plus when we vacuumed we had to empty the bin after just one room so we know they never cleaned the carpet. We had cockroaches from day one. They call them "Palmetto Bugs" to make it sound better. Whatever, they're cockroaches. We kept getting them even after the pest control would come and spray and we suggested that they were coming from other apartments but they said the bugs come from the outside. However, a few weeks later they ended up spraying inside all of the apartments and magically the bugs seemed to disappear. We lived under another couple and they had a lot of animals. They had a lab (we did too) but she liked to run around the apartment and it was pretty loud. We also heard the couple fight a few times and I could even hear the girl sobbing loudly at FIVE in the morning. They listened to their music pretty loud sometimes but I guess you can hear stuff in other apartments too. They have grills located in front of some of the buildings but ours was broken and removed and they said they would have it fixed soon but never did by the time we moved out. We bought a tiny $8 grill so we could grill out and we got yelled at by the property manager. She yelled too, not just spoke to us. They also were going to paint our door (it faded from the sun) and it took them 4 months to do it. Our door also didn't shut all the way making a small hole to the outside. All they did was put some cheap foam there. I could have done that. It still wasn't too bad of an apartment but I think we just had a lot of negative situations and the property manager, Jewel, isn't the nicest person. With the grill situation she could have politely told us why we couldn't have it instead of yelling at us. Melissa was awesome! She was so sweet and so helpful; I'm glad she was there. Judge for yourself. Everyone has different experiences. Oh and I totally agree that cable should not be included with your rent. And if you ever get something on your wall, if you try to clean it the paint rubs off.
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Walker Woods

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