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Solara at Wellington

2037 Polo Gardens Drive

Wellington, FL 33414



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orangestickered • Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/25/2007
I have lived at Polo Chase for the last two years. The apartments can be described as adequate. This might be the cheapest place you can rent from in this area but trust me the parking situation makes it TERRIBLE. I do not work a nine to five job, it is not uncommon for me to get home at 10:00 or 11:00 in the evening. This is when the parking search begins...driving back and forth, circling several times looking for some place to park. It is very frustrating and time consuming. I often spend a good 10-15 minutes just looking for a spot. There are often times (like last night) when there were no spots available close or within a reasonably acceptable walking space (and trust me I am willing to walk a distance). I then parked off the side of the parking lot and went inside to eat the food I had picked up. I had intentions of coming back out to do another loop in a half an hour to see if any spots had opened up. I fell asleep instead on the couch and in the morning ended up with an orange sticker plastered on my drivers side window.<br><br>Quite frankly I am not someone who wants to cause any trouble, I like to follow rules and yada yada yada. However this is a small thing that is very troublesome and something that they will not tell you aboutbefore you rent. You will not even see it if you visit during the day, because there is ample parking when everyone is working.<br><br>They built three bedroom apartments who they rent out to three adults, all with vehicles rather than families...which creates the parking shortage. They just don't have enough spots for all the tenants that they rent to. There is no visitor parking either. Yes they do sticker and tow regardless of if you are a "good rent paying tenant". <br><br>So as I head out to peel the sticker off my car...please reconsider living here if you like to come home from work park you car and go inside...because at Polo Chase it is quite the ordeal.
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Solara at Wellington

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