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Clear Lake Palms



Resident · 2012
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Office Staff
I moved here to West Palm an moved into this place Clear Lakes Palms in May it is now October...I have become sick...meaning I have stage one symptoms of black mold...runny nose, sneezing, not hungry, headaches, etc. Two days ago there were Two guys from the bank looking at the apartment below us. The apartment has been abandoned an not worked on since I moved in. I knew this place was bad an didn't want to move in. But at the time I could only afford this place. Anyway the guys from the bank asked if we were experiencing any issues with sewage or backups, we replied no. They said they were shocked to see us living above an apartment that is invested with black mold. I decided I would go look in the apartment an WOW black mold everywhere...Its disgusting...The story gets better when we first moved in our realtor had said "There were bugs in the apartment before, but I reasure it everything will be clean when you move in!" Just him saying that was way unprofessional an kinda tacky. I believe he looked at me an my boyfriend as though we stupid an from Michigan an we would just move in anyway...Which we did...When it was move in day I was expecting to walk into a clean apartment...Instead it was just the way he showed it to us...When I opened the refrigator there was black mold everywhere...when we moved the appliances BUGS, FOOD, HAIR, I mean awful things...No wonder they had bugs they had never toke the time to clean the apartment throughly...When I called my realtor to inform him he did not answer...He then sent three people over two days later, who rudely walked in didnt knock or anything...to clean the apartment...we had already cleaned it so we told them to leave...Anyway so we accepted the fact that we had to clean up someone else's mess although we were told that it would not happen...Now after 5 months I have had so many issues here not only with the apartment, but with the community...They have had three different security guard companies come through to try to clean things up...Meaning take the hood else where...lol...Before this new security came through...all the security companies were friends with the tenants...would go party at the tenants house during work...CRAZY...Anyway two months ago I had parked my car on the side, because there was no parking space where I usual parked cause there was a huge party going on at one of the apartments....I woke up to the security knocking at 7 am letting me know my passenger window had been smashed...I went out an he was right some knuckle head toke a brick an smashed my window...remind me I have a 97 so for someone to that was stupid...It was obvious I had nothing in the car valueable...Anyway I was friends with the security guard who informed about the window...he ended up calling me an letting me know he knew who did it...some gangster yougnster thinking I had a GPS...HAHA...boy he was wrong...Anyway i never made a report because its not like they would find out who did it, an plus I don't need the hood after me...I toke it as a lose...but at the same time...security was not tight that night probalby partying at the party that was going on...I am not one to complain who break a lease, but it is clear this place is TOXIC bad for health, an the community is not getting better...You can see when you pull in here mold growing on the side of the apartments, you can smell the black mold...this place needs to be torn down...ASAP...but they keep renting it should be illegal to sell someone an apartment with black mold...my neighbor who lived downstairs ended up with black mold...because the upstairs apartment pipes broke an black mold formed...the landlord never came to fix it he was forced to move out to a new apartment in the community...he now experiences larges roaches in his house...as of right now I Have baby roaches in my kitchen an adult ones also they come out at night...this place is gross we are breaking are lease an moving out next month...Oh yeah did I mention you have to have a sticker on your car else it will get towed...my bf had a sticker on his...an they still towed it...the manager of the apartments ended up having to pay for the tow because they made the mistake...its very unprofessional in the office they aren't nice...but anyway time to move on before I had up really sick...DO NOT MOVE IN HERE LET THIS PLACE RUIT...THREE OF MY NEIGHBORS HAVE ALREADY MOVED DUE TO THE BLACK MOLD EFFECTING THERE HEALTH...
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Clear Lake Palms

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