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Clear Lake Palms



Resident · 2014
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Office Staff
DO NOT RENT FROM HERE!!! I have been renting here for about a two months and am in the process of trying to break my lease. The leasing office is really nice and my landlord is excellent but the management office and security is worthless. My landlord has offered to release me from my rental agreement and return my security deposit as soon as the property is rented. He has done multiple showings and I am hoping to be out soon. When I first moved in we had some minor issues and he fixed them immediately. The security claims to be protecting the property, but if they wanted to do that, they could simply finish the ------ gate they have and have it 100% gated instead of paying security to drive around and do nothing. My mother and brother stop by religiously and after my brother's 30th visit security came running after him threatening to tow his scooter if he does not stop at the gate again. He was terrified and doesn't even want to come visit again. We have never been stopped over 45 days and one day they decided to mess with him. The next day my mom stopped by and waited at the security station for 10 minutes before she came to my house and said there was no one there to check in with. She was worried about her car getting towed so we walked over there. 30 minutes later one of them came back on the go kart from being off the property entirely. 2 days later I pulled in at 12:30 AM to find no one even manning the gate. I took my dog on a walk around the whole complex to find no security guards. I walked out of the complex to the right and headed down by the cul-de-sac to find not only one but both security guards in the go karts smoking what spelled like THC. They claim they are locking down because of cars being broken into and stolen at the complex, but 95% of the time security is nowhere to be found. The amenities they offer would be great if they were ever open. The basketball court and pool both state open until 30 mins prior to dusk, but security closes everything around 7PM. I have asked on many occasions why they close when the sun is still shining high and they say well it is HOA rules. The property management ladies name is Jessica is a piece of work. I have never met anyone so rude before in my life. If you have any issues all she says is well it is the HOA rules. Everything relates back to the HOA rules. When I ask for a copy of the HOA rules she says she does not have them. If you are managing the property you should have a copy of the HOA rules. My utmost least favorite part is that when you are using the amenities there are constantly children with no parents running around. Children are using vulgar language and listening to vulgar music. I have 6 year old and am constantly telling these kids to have some respect for the other people around. If I bring it to securities attention they do absolutely nothing about it. I hear children yelling, screaming and crying constantly and it breaks my heart. I have a 6 year old and I would never treat him the way these parents do. There is a little girl possibly 1 year old above me who will cry and I hear mom yelling to "shut the F*** up." Police have found no signs of neglect or abuse so there is nothing to be done. I am not part of low income housing as I am fortunate enough to be able to support my child and myself 100%. I do now understand why low income housing becomes so run down. The people just do not care. I am not a go green person but at least put your trash in the garbage. I am constantly seeing McDonalds bags, gas station cups, cigarette packs, etc. all over the place. There is a garbage station at least every 25 feet and by the trash everywhere you think there is none on the property. Good luck on your renting and be very careful what community you choose to live in. I thought this one would be good. I liked all the amenities, the apartment looked great on the inside and there was security. Looks can be deceiving in the long run.
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Clear Lake Palms

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