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Montecito Palm Beach



Resident · 2018
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Office Staff
The most insincere and unprofessional apartment management I've ever dealt with. The apartment management did a jet cleaning of drain pipes for the entire building which caused a massive black water backup in my kitchen from the floor all the way up to the ceiling with horrible sewage odor. The apartment manager, Megan Barbeau, promised the unit would be cleaned up completely. After they cleaned up the unit, there were still black stains visible more than 10 spots in the kitchen area (cabinets, walls, microwave, etc) and mold-like black dirt on one part of the cabinet. I let the landlord (Deluxe Realty) come into the unit to meet with Megan and Lacey Camcacho, assistant manager, to look over. As soon as I started showing the stained spots, Megan and Lacey left the unit for some reason. The landlord and apartment management told me the cleaning on the unit was completed. I asked the landlord about all the stains left in the kitchen, and their response was "it's only kitchen grease and if it goes into your body, there would be no health problem." I was very concerned about living there, so spoke with ServePro, an industrial hygienist and my renter's insurance adjuster. They all agreed it's a "category 3" black water backup and all high porous items (cabinets & carpets) exposed to the water should be removed, which the apartment management did not do. The industrial hygienist advised me not to move back in until the unit gets inspected by a professional. The landlord told me the case is closed and completed, so I decided to break the lease and move out by paying 2-month rent penalty. The apartment management never offered any apology, and Megan even told me this is like a "car accident" and I'd have to use my renter's insurance ($500 deductible) to cover my personal items got damaged. My vacuum and a pair of sunglasses have been lost since the incident. I tried to call Megan to ask about them but have never received a return call. I keep all the pictures I took since the day of the incident until I moved out, and I filed a complaint against the apartment management through Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services so that this would be on public record and I have been waiting on their response.
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Montecito Palm Beach

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