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Joe Sanders
Resident · 2017
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Office Staff
my name is Joe I live in Sanctuary Cove I moved here last year I think it's a really cool place to me its quiet no crime that I know of there are a lot of older friendly people here when it comes down to the office staff they are just as friendly as they could possibly be they are down-to-earth people even if you make a phone call about something that needs to be fixed they try their best to make sure that you're satisfied maintenance I think the maintenance is very friendly here Insurance sure that whatever needs to be fixed is taken care of when it comes down to maintenance. I chose to live next to the mangroves very natural I like it I've read some of the comments that people have left I mostly figure if you pay your rent like you're supposed to do every time like you're supposed to do you probably would not have a problem here and I imagine if you aren't paying if they're not going to hassle you to death maybe they just want you to pay and get out takes a lot of money to keep the property up I would imagine it's hard to keep up with all the trees and stuff so we pretty much all have to do our jobs which is basically making sure that we pay on time ;-) wink all I can say is the time frame that I've been Sanctuary Cove it's been very cool PS it's a little late and I probably should be asleep by now but I just thought about it so I figured ide come here in just say couple things .keep up the great work staff
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