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Bishop Park Apartments

3250 Bishop Park Dr

Winter Park, FL 32792



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/16/2005
Where to begin... My husband & I moved here with our 2 small children. The 2/2 isn't the most spacious we found, but okay. Price was do-able, liked the model, offered an apartment with new carpets (a plus for the new baby), and was under the impression it would have a good cleaning after the last resident left after 6 years. WE WERE WRONG! I sat on the floor & cried the first day we moved in. Upstairs was a family of elephants, you can hear every step the father and kid takes, you can hear people not only talk in the bathroom, but USE THE TOILET! Downstairs was Full Sail kids with bass galore for hours daily. Enough to not only hear, but feel it in our beds. Complained about noise constantly, after a few months has subsided... a plus. (The only plus.) The apartment was a WRECK when we moved in, eventhough they had 2 weeks to get it ready for us. THICK dust and film on blinds, green, black grout in showers, mold in toilets, (still there 7 months later-said it would get fixed), mold in dishwasher (there, too), A/C was DISGUSTING when I opened it- mold so thick it was running constantly to attempt to "breathe". Inch thick of animal hair & nasty glop in sliding door cracks and MUCH MORE. Model was DECEIVING! Awful brass fan, almond light and outlet covers on white "re-painted" (yeah right) walls, wallpaper still up from last renter, almond plastic sink in bathroom -unlike the porcelain ones shown. We weren't able to see our apartment until move in date so complained NUMEROUS times both on phone and in person daily. Mostly got run-around or they were our "best friends" agreeing it should not look like that and doing little to solve it. The day we moved in & were down at the office complaining, another couple that moved in that day was DEMANDING another apartment for the same filthy reasons. We should have taken that as a sign and left. The pool is ALWAYS broken or GREEN and roped off. The days it works, we are waken by 10-20 people partying in the pool at 3-6 a.m. and waiting for the courtesy officer each night to respond to our call & break it up. He was busy recently so we had to call the main police station to break it up. This place is a nightmare. The only, only plus, is the maintenance staff that they overwork and make do more than they ever should. The dumpster is overflowing each night/morning, and the first thing they have to do to start their day is stand there amongst the horse flies and raccoons and shovel SMELLY NASTY trash into the dumpster as they sweat in the heat. Great way to start the day and nice to bring all of the trash now collected on their clothes and shoes into our homes when they repair EVERYTHING from toilets, to A/C, to disposals, to you name it. They can do it all, and should all quit on the same day & let the "friendly" office staff have a day at it. They would quit as well the moment they have to shovel overflowing garbage at 8 a.m. with raccoons being fed catfood by single, sad, lonely women that live alone in an apartment. STAY AWAY!!!
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Bishop Park Apartments

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