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Calibre Bend Apartments

3924 Calibre Bend Ln

Winter Park, FL 32792



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/02/2002
The apartment complex came well recommended but I think it´s gone WAY downhill. The office staff is REALLY rude and you feel like you´re under attack when reporting something that´s wrong. The appliances are old and make weird noises. The carpeting stains if you sneeze on it and they don´t clean the apartment before you move in they just splash everything in white paint. We tried to set up Road Runner and it creates problems when you paint OVER the connection! There are spaces between the doors and windows that lets the air come blasting in.The air conditioning doesn´t even cool the second half of the apartment and bangs and rattles while running! The ugly cream venetian blinds have probably been hanging since they built the place and break more frequently than they work. You can´t hang anything on the walls because they charge you for "pin holes." The fireplace they advertised is okay but the shelves are a joke. And the work out center is more a "work out closet" being the size of one of the walk-in closets. The pool is NEVER clean and leaves coat the bottom at all times. The mail doesn´t arrive until about 4:30 pm and it takes about 3 weeks until it begins to arrive regularly. Our upstairs neighbors sounded like they were keeping a herd of elephants as well as the three dogs. If the complex spent as much on modernizing the place as they do on keeping the grounds up this might actually be a decent complex. But not at the price! Basically, keep looking for somewhere else!
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Calibre Bend Apartments

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