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Calibre Bend Apartments

3924 Calibre Bend Ln

Winter Park, FL 32792



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Office Staff
Resident 1998 - 2001 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/11/2002
I lived at Calibre Bend for over three years. When I moved in, the staff were friendly, problems were fixed instantaneously, and I couldn´t have been happier. However, over the years, the apts went slowly downhill--the friendly staff members were replaced with VERY rude people, to the point where I was almost afraid to call in a maintanence request. <br> <br>Problems weren´t fixed properly; the last straw for me was a leak in the roof over my bedroom, which caused SEVERE water damage. The ceiling in one corner literally caved inward from water that had pooled when the leak was not fixed correctly the first time. It was raining in my bedroom for over a week before they fixed it the first time; two months later it was leaking again and they again took too long to repair it. I was surprised the ceiling didn´t collapse. Yet even after they fixed the roof, they left the water damage unattended, allowing mold to grow. It didn´t seem that they ever planned to fix it while I was still living there, so I finally gave up and moved. <br> <br>Overall, while the apt was spacious and had wonderful closet space, in the end it was not worth the money I paid. The carpet was extremely cheap (by the time I moved out it was worn and ragged, with stains that never came out, no matter how often we cleaned the carpet). Getting into and out of the complex during rush hour was difficult and dangerous; I saw more than one bad accident outside the entrance. I lived near the entrance and was constantly bombarded with noise from the traffic on University, as well as cars driving through the complex, not to mention the endless beeping of the gate (which incidentally seemed adept at keeping out my friends and relatives while allowing true criminals access--that´s when it was working properly). <br> <br>I would not recommend these apts to anyone, unless you´re looking to be ripped off.
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Calibre Bend Apartments

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