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Sunbay Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/07/2007
My girlfriend and I moved here because of the low price and it was close to Orlando colleges.Let me tell you,it isnt worth it.Its worth your time to split a house with six other people than live in this dump.The "grounds" are dirt lots and trash,the apartments are shoddy,and I`m scared that the 2nd floor catwalk will collapse at any moment.The A/C LEAKS ALL THE TIME!Even when its not on it leaks.I asked them to coame fix it over and over for 2 weeks and when some one did finally come they replaced the filters and vacummed the vents and left.And whod of thunk it!It still leaks,I guess Hoover isnt an A/C repair tool.The cabinets are made of the cheapest particle board possible.Imagine some one took all the tobacco out of a million Lucky Strikes and mixed them with spit to hold them together,thats about the consitancy of the cabinets.When you cook on the stove the steam and heat from your stove melts the glue in the wood and you end up with splinter stew.I comlplained on more than one occasion with the promise of new cabinets.This promise was in October 06 and it is now January 07,and,lo and behold,cabinets in my food.Dont even get me started on the drunk illegal immigrants around here.Now i come from a small town and there was no problem with keping your front door unlocked,at least in the daytime,but i have bought a hotel bar and a new deadbolt and keep them locked ALL the time now,because one day while sitting on my sofa my door opens and a drunk mexican guy walks in and sits down.Just walks in and sits like there werent nothing wrong.I got up and kicked the crap out of him and threw him out the door.I told managment and they laughed it off.They thaught random drunk men walking in to your apartment was funny.So i went right out an d bought a new deadbolt and all and didnt tell management because if you get a new one you have to get them a key too.Not only that but the same guy came tapping at my window at 2 in the morning once,i told the office again and thye said its just rico,hes funny like that.Not only will you enjoy the zany antics of Rico if you move in,but all his drunk buddies who drink Corona from 5 in the pm to 5 in the am playing horrible,loud mariachi music.Just not loud,but they is pounding that beat,fool!Not to metion the signs in spanish from managment all over the place saying plase dont bring prostitutes into your unit.Oh yeah,dont let them bull you into thinking that this is a normal happy place in the main office.They are worse than Marine Recruiters at the end of a slow month.They will lie lie lie.They will not do what they say,thay will not help,and they will let rico come into your apartment for a laugh.I do not feel safe,i so not feel i am getting a good deal,I feel like im running backwards naked through a cornfeild.They will screw your brains out.AVOID AVOID AVOID
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Sunbay Apartments

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