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Woodbridge Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/04/2005
Let me start of by saying that I am a college graduate not some upset student complaining about nonsense. I have a professional job and I moved in here trying to get on my feet.. here is my story. I just moved out of Woodbridge due to the filthy and nasty conditions that these people have allowed the complex to dwindle to. From day one, when I did the walk through I was so put off I didnt even want to sign my lease. BUT... being that I had to be out of my old apartment by that following Friday I had no choice. Well the problems all started when I walked in and noticed that my rug was turning brown around the edges... water damage... then a big brown stain appeared over my roommates shower... a leak behind the walls... so they came in and SPRAY PAINTED over it... oh yeah... then they spray painted my kitchen counter tops, then they spray painted the BATH TUB. Okay flash forward about 3 months... I noticed another brown stain, this time around my light switch... I went to touch it and my finger went through the wall... then it started to rain inside the apartment through the hole... nobody ever came to fix it. I ripped up my rug one day and underneath was BLACK NASTY MOLD. I tried to get out of my lease and they said I could break it, but it would go on my credit and blah blah blah. Okay fine, I only have 6 months left, but then my AC broke (in the middle of AUG the hottest month) They did not come to fix it for 4 days... I was in the sweltering heat with no AC, and within those 4 days the mold started to bloom... and yes I have now been put on a nebulizer as order by my Doctor and 2 other prescriptions for respiratory problems. Okay so i just got out of the lease only because i have now obtained a lawyer. These people are insane... the office staff is gross, trashy and completely DISRESPRCTFUL. They better believe that I WILL be getting all of my deposits back along with doctors bills and prescriptions... DO NOT MOVE IN HERE. Other issues include... horrible parking, (people used to park on the grass in front of my apartment on weekends, leaving muddy tracks in the grass) the street lights NEVER worked, thank God i had a dog to protect me, neighbors are okay, we kind of watched out for eachother, but then you had the people next door get robbed for $2000 worth of pot, i have seen mulitple car windows broken from late night robberies, they dont cut the grass for weeks a time... OH and there are no drains in the entire complex, so when it rains the water stays for days a time... making it a mosquito farm!! Please for your health and sanity DO NOT MOVE HERE.
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Woodbridge Apartments

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