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Deerfield Village Apartments

13085 Morris Road

Alpharetta, GA 30004



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/02/2007
I have lived here for about 4 years now. When I first moved here, it was REALLY nice and awesome. There were a lot of classy professionals here and that is part of the reason why I chose this complex. I will say that I have noticed a decline in the quality of life since I've been here, but I do think that management is truly trying to take care of some of these issues. I feel that this complex has its positives and negatives just as any other property does.<br><br><br>1 - I agree that the trash compactor used to be broken A LOT. I have not seen that happen for a while now.<br><br>2 - There are always a bunch of kids around riding bikes, and running around w/out adult supervision. Mgmt did send out a notice telling parents that their kids need to be supervised and that if they run into problems with the kids and nothing is done, the parents would be responsible. <br><br>3 - There have been a few notices about crimes (peeping tom, robbery, etc.), but mgmt will always follow-up with residents and try to go the extra mile to let residents know they are taking these things seriously.<br><br>4 - I agree that the front gates are always broken and not working. They have been addressing this issue and lately I have only seen the gates broken a few times, but then again I always use the back gate whenever possible.<br><br>5 - I have run across dog poop quite a few times, but I know mgmt sent out a couple of notices about that and they are holding pet owners responsible for these types of things.<br><br><br>In general, the office staff is friendly. Anytime I've gone to the leasing office for help they have been nothing but nice. Anytime I need anything or need help, they have been quick to respond. The maintenance staff is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!! ANYTIME I have ever put in a maintenance request, it has been completed w/in 24 hrs. Anytime anything changes, there is always a notice on my door from mgmt about the change. <br><br>My biggest complaints are the kids and the crimes. Some of the kids are fine, but others are noisy and very disrespectful. They ride their bikes around and when you are in your car they won't get out of your way. The crimes really bother me and I would like to feel safe in my place of residence. <br><br>I personally haven t had any real bad problems so far, other than an ant problem so let s hope it stays that way!<br>
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Deerfield Village Apartments

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