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Beechwood Pines



Resident · 2007 - 2009
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Office Staff
I just recently moved out of Beechwood after having been there for 2 years. I must say that at 880 a month, you definitely DO NOT get what you paid for. your water bill is regulated based on all other apartments your size, so if you live in a 2 bedroom second floor. your water bill is split according to some math on the apartments part of how much you used. I use little water and try to conserve as much as possible however each month my bill was higher and higher and higher. Let me put it this way, Ive since moved into a house, and my wife, and child and I have been less frugal with our water usage and our bill was still 10 dollars cheaper each month. Its a small complain but it is annoying. Furthermore, The management is slow to respond to any and all concerns about the grounds, or your apartment. Somehow in the middle of June my airconditioner went out. Apparently somehow the power cable came out of my air conditioner unit (this was never fully explained to me) but i went 3 days waiting for someone to come to my apartment to fix it. The office manager is rarely there, and is slow to respond to your comments. The walls are also fairly thin, and you can hear your neighbors doing anything and everything, watching tv, washing dishes having conversations. Speaking of washing, the cheap washer in my apartment routinely left rust stains on socks, when I asked the place to examine it, they told me to bleach and scrub the laundry machine myself. I did, it didnt help. They then told me that they could not replace the washer or even inspect it because it would be too hard to move up the stairs. (how did they get it in the first place???) In sum, this place is too expensive, especially in these times. Our family since found a 3 bedroom house with a 1.5 acre lot for 695, and dont have to deal with all of those other inconvenciences. One last thing, if youre not a fan of stepping in dog poop you wont like this place, no one cleans up after their pets, and the grassy areas are littered with little poop mines. i guess they earned it with their 200 dollar PER pet, pet policy. Rubbish.
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Beechwood Pines

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