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Farmers Exchange Lofts



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/02/2004
Parking: Parking is in two lots, one behind the building and one across a busy 3 lane street. The lots are unmonitored and are frequented by the occasional mysterious character. My new car's windshield was bashed in using a large rock- the management did nothing to help with this problem or to monitor the lot more closely.<br><br>Noise Level: The building is extremely noisy. You can hear everything going on in the hallways outside your apartment. Do not expect to have a nice quiet night without hearing thumping music or yelling in the hallways. If this is your thing, that is fine... but it would be nice to have a break from it. <br><br>Grounds: The downtown location of this property does not lend itself to anything special. The interior hallways are always in a state of disarray. People coming in from the bars at 3am seem to find it entertaining to trash the hallways on the way in. <br><br>Safety: Nothing special here. The exterior doors are locked using a key -- not a keypad. This would be adequate, but the doors are more often than not propped open. There have been a couple incidents of apartments being broken into as well. <br><br>Construction: Nothing special here either. The bedrooms are extremely small with some units having lofted beds. You have to be creative to make everything fit. Space elsewhere in the apartment is also minimal... you pay for the location. Not the apartment itself. <br><br>Maintenance: The maintenance people are nice. However, you occasionally have to stay on them to get stuff repaired correctly. <br><br>Office: The biggest problem I have is the lax enforcement of the rules. The management is selective in what they enforce and they seldom follow through on any complaints. The office staff are all extremely nice... however, you are normally dropping off rent when you see them.<br><br>Overall: You pay for the location. You are in a convenient location to campus and downtown. The apartments are small and noisy. If this is what you are looking for, this property is perfect for you. If you are looking for more of a location to call home, do not look here! The apartments do have their share of charm with brick walls and hardwood floors.<br>
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Farmers Exchange Lofts

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