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Jamestown Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/07/2010
Recently I moved into an apartment in Jamestown rented through Parker and Associates and it's been hell ever since. Age aside, it would be a great place to live if maintenance had done their job and fixed my unit BEFORE I moved in, which they had ample time to do. My unit, which was vacant for months before I moved in, had a laundry list of maintenance issues, some of which they've yet to fix despite multiple phone calls, emails and office visits from me. My kitchen is molding, and I don't think they cleaned or walked through the unit to inspect it before I moved in. The fireplace was disgusting, both the front and back door are poorly sealed, there are roaches everywhere, and the air conditioning doesn't get below 83 upstairs. It's relatively quiet except that they're doing some work in the empty unit next door so from about 7am until 5pm it's noisy and the parking lot is full of trucks. Being woken up early and then not being able to park when I come home from work is getting old. You would think that the companies working on that unit would have been told to be courteous to neighbors while working, but again, Parker and Associates doesn't seem to care. So far I do not recommend renting from Parker and Associates. Jamestown is probably a great place to live if the landlord is capable of maintaining the property but they've clearly got issues. All it would have taken is a walk-through before I moved in and they would have seen and been able to fix all of the 20 or so issues in a couple days.
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Jamestown Apartments

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