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Jamestown Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/11/2005
Advantage: Close to campus.<br><br>Disadvangtages: Horrible Management.<br><br>1. Have a problem, expect it to be attended just days before your lease ends.<br><br>2. Management keeps postponing things- for them, you are ne ver the top priority.<br><br>3. Cockroach lovers can move in here.<br><br>4. If you call on the management again and again , they hang up on you - discourteous staff- the worst you can find.<br><br>5. NOT AT ALL SUITABLE FOR FOREIGN STUDENTS - they pretend as if they don't understand you and your problems.<br><br>6. Different treatment for American and Foreign students - Homeless shelter would be a better option for foreign students.<br><br>7. Here you pay all the money and still live in slums.<br><br>8. Management is racist. Colored people are treated in the worst possible manner.<br><br>9. Neighbor's dogs ---- around everywhere possible. Can't bear the stink and the sight and the office staff can't put a board or anything.<br><br>10. Worst materials used for construction which often need to be fixed. And the office guys never do anything about them.<br><br>11. Never hope for getting your security deposit back - once you make security deposit, it's theirs. All efforts to get it back will prove futile.<br><br>12. If you are looking for the highest degree of racist guys in whole of america who treat colored people like ----- your search ends here.<br><br>Don't ever move in here. DO yourself a favor. You deserve better treatment.
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Jamestown Apartments

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