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Legacy Mill

125 Jennings Mill Parkway

Athens, GA 30606



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/18/2007
Of course they're all sweet and polite to potential customers. But once you're name is on the lease, they all go crazy.<br><br>They are all rude, inept liars. I have never met a group so useless. Of course they come on here all the time and write favorable anonymous reviews, and even have the audacity to leave one saying that there is always two sides to every story and hurt feelings is usually because someone failed to live up to their obligations. <br><br>What a load of BULLSH*T!<br><br>The tenants aren't the only ones with obligations:<br><br>1. Dog ---- EVERYWHERE. Even on the sidewalks.<br>2. The caulk around the bathtub mildews all the time. I've left messages countless times but no ones been up to look at it. The messages always seem to get "misplaced" or they say they simply never existed.<br>3. I got a $10 fee one time because my curtains are blue, not white.<br>4. They actually towed my car once while I was trying to sell it. I had told one of the office assistants it was there, they said it was fine. I called back the next day and spoke to someone else just to make sure it was okay. Again they said it was fine. They towed it the next week and when I complained to the office manager she acted like she didn't know what I was talking about. She actually accused me of lying to her. The two assistants were right there in the office and when I mentioned them, they just stood there.<br><br>Where are your obligations Legacy Mills?
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Legacy Mill

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