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Polo Club Condominiums



Resident · 2012 - 2013
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Polo Club is the worst place to live in Athens. Drunk neighbors drinking and yelling at 3 in the morning(3 to 4 days a week), beer cans/bottles/cups are every where, and this neighborhood is filled with crows. Every Monday the landscape maintenance crew will wake you up early in the morning, and every day during spring/summer, there are a least a dozen crows outside making the WORST noise ever. I have found scorpions crawling around, there are definitely cockroaches/centipedes/spiders, and you can't ever open the windows at night because they don't have a metal sheet that prevent bugs from entering. Neighbors are not friendly, in fact, people from upstairs left hair on our front porch after haircut, and it has been there for almost a semester. I am pretty sure I have heard gunshots before, and there are a lot of fights between drunk people. I have seen people pull out knife on the downtown shuttle bus, I have captured videos of drunk people jumping on one person, this is not a neighborhood that you want to live in, Polo Club do not care about your safety, they will ignore the background check of each residents and let a lot of criminals live here. The downtown shuttle bus was down for a few weeks because someone messed with the engine and they had to repair it. Someone also walked into the club house, stole a flat screen TV, and the management had NO IDEA who did that. People's car get keyed so much that they had to put out warnings and called the cops to deal with that. Multiple apartments have been robbed, and they have no cameras around to provide evidences to help police investigation and they are not responsible for that unless you paid insurance for it. Now lets talk about the management. they will never answer the office phone, but they have time to make non-emergency personal phone calls during office hours. However, they do have a great maintenance guy name John, and he is probably the only positive point in Polo Club. Other than that, the management team is terrible, they do not care about what happens. After ranting on twitter about the management, they actually called in to cancel our internet on purpose and claim that they know nothing about it. Since we pay rent on time, and the internet bill is included in the rent, they are clearly violating the lease and then they claim that never happened, when Charter had confirmed that someone from management team had cancel the internet service. Note, you cannot cancel the internet service without specific information, and no one outside of the management have those account information. Mentioning of sketchy management, the rent policy is not strict at all, the management decides to lower my neighbor's rent by 20 dollars a month because they couldn't find people to fill out all the spots. DUH, BECAUSE no one wants to live here. And do not trust the house tour, they will have candies, ice cream, and chips to bait people in and leave a good first impression. What you should do instead is to talk to people around the neighborhood first and then decides whether or not you want to sign the lease. Last but not least, the two reviews written on 06/20/2013 and 07/18/2013 are just pure garbage, how are you going to review the apartment for your children?!?! Did you live there yourself? People do not see the dirty side of Polo Club and they need to realize that this is not a good place to live, it is terrible and you can see all those recent reviews from residents are ranging from 1-2, that's because no one would live there again!! The quality went down ever since 2010, and they will stay that way until they take out every person in the management team.
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Polo Club Condominiums

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