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Reserve at Athens

175 International Drive

Athens, GA 30605



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/02/2017
Don't live here if you are a grad student. You get what you pay for and yes this place is cheap. I can accept the thin walls, terrible gym (it's nasty and full of broken equipment), and begrudgingly the pest problem (worst roach problem I've ever experienced) because it was within my price range. I was actually thankful for the roommate match program and was lucky enough to get paired with another grad student. Where things fail is the management's inability to not comprehend that you're not 19. They treat their residents as if they're incapable of handling any sort of responsibility. At first it was humorous, they had a very difficult time understanding that I did not have a "permanent residence" and no cosigner. However it eventually led to complete outright disrespect. They enter your apartment with zero notification, which I believe may actually be against the rental laws of the state. We got fined for leaving a wet broom out to dry on the porch. I received a nasty note from maintenance for leaving a pot to soak while I was on campus. The worst though was when they came into my apartment after my roommate moved out and threw some of my personal items away from a shared personal space. I brought a lawyer friend to speak to the manager whom doubled down on their position that it was not considered shared space, despite it being extremely clear that it was in the lease. The manager had the audacity to even comment about my medication which was on my kitchen table being out - how that had anything to do with the conversation I don't know. I did receive compensation for my discarded items but it came from their contracted cleaning company, which honestly was disgusting of them to have done as it was very, very clearly the fault of the reserve. Management is awful. Even if you're 19 you don't deserve to be treated like this by apartment managment. There are better places in Athens, bite the bullet and pay the extra $200 in rent.
Reserve at Athens Manager07/02/2018

Our gym has been fully renovated, so we apologize that you weren't able to utilize the brand new equipment. Pest control comes every Friday for any resident who would like to be added to the pest control list. We have streamlined a lot of our processes to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Please stop by to meet our new management team. Thanks, Reserve Staff

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Reserve at Athens

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