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Reserve at Athens

175 International Drive

Athens, GA 30605



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Office Staff
Resident 2016 - 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/02/2018
Firstly, a much-deserved compliment: the biggest savior of the Reserve is the kind, helpful, respectful, responsive, and knowledgeable maintenance staff. They truly deserve so much appreciation, because they do great work for the community. Now, onto the rest: I think the apartments are fine, although I've experienced an unfixable mold problem in my bathroom, old and inefficient appliances, and the walls are super thin which is really a bother when your neighbors consistently scream at each other at all hours. Additionally, if you rely on the buses, be warned that the one to campus only comes once an hour and same for the one that comes from campus, so even though this amenity is very hyped up, it actually is less convenient than advertised, unfortunately. While there are residents without cars, they spend a lot of time waiting on buses, so I think it is best to live elsewhere if you have absolutely no access to a car. However, what really agitates me about the Reserve is the hidden fees and policies that they toss at you whenever they can. The employees have a huge problem with miscommunication or even complete failure to mention these little policies, to the point where I have begun to consider it outright duplicity rather than mere mistakes. For example, when I renewed my lease, I was painstakingly clear that I wanted to sign that very day before rent went up, yet I was never sent it and had to wait til the next week. Thanks to a strongly-worded letter, I was able to get my lease just one day before they were planning to raise it even higher. How convenient! Another instance was when I needed a summer subleaser, and I requested, in advance, no fewer than 4 times, ALL important details regarding that decision. Still, the day we signed the contract was the day I found out that they were going to increase rent on my subleaser from what I pay! And months later, I learned that if my subleaser happens to never show up, then somehow their "legal" contract is canceled and surprise! I have to pay rent for two months (almost 1k) that I didn't plan for financially. Why not go after the subleaser? What is the benefit of having the contract at all, which by the way, also cost a $200 fee? I think the policies themselves are pretty low, but the fact that you can barely get an honest and complete explanation of anything is despicable. Most of The Reserve's residents are college students, many of whom work jobs as well as take on loans to get by in school, all of which is juggled with research, internships, challenging coursework, and more. That is already a lot for us to juggle. The last thing we need is phoniness and dishonesty from this place. Lastly, in case an employee responds to my grievances here, I just want to say in advance that while an empty reply will not rectify this in my mind, a severe correction of staff training plus an overhaul of the policies I mentioned as well as other ones I haven't noted would be lovely. And to parents out there who are thinking about selecting this complex for their student, I'd recommend checking out other options first, because there's a great chance you and your kid will run into the same issues that I have.
Reserve at Athens Manager06/22/2018

Hello, We love our maintenance team and are happy that you do too. We would love to put in a maintenance request for you regarding the mold, so please call anytime. The upgrades coming for next year with new appliances, cabinets, countertops and common area furniture are very exciting! Anytime a renewal offer is accepted by the resident, the renewal lease is sent in a very short amount of time to ensure the resident can sign at the lowest rates possible, so I would love to know more about your situation directly. All lease take over fees and information are listed on your lease and lease take over addendum that is signed by the current resident and person looking to fill the lease take over. The last step on the lease take over addendum states that the new person must move in to finalize the lease take over process. We will make sure to reiterate to all employees to make all the steps clear. Thank you, Reserve Staff

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Reserve at Athens

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