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River Oaks



Resident · 2011 - 2012
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Office Staff
I cannot say that my experience at River Oaks was all bad. The rent was cheap, and it does offer more than your average apartment place (dishwasher, washer, dryer). I lived in the 4bed/4ba townhome with 3 other girls. When you go to tour this place, it seems too good to be true- and it is. Upon moving in, it was easy to tell that the previous tenants had trashed the place. the flooring in the bathrooms were covered with stains, the front door frame was broken, the light in the kitchen was like a strobe light, and one of the windows in the bedrooms had nothing holding it in (like someone had broken the window and left it). We also did not have a mail key for the first 3 weeks of moving in, also a pain. We filed work orders immediately, and still alot of it is not fixed- and in order to get them to fix some of the major things one of us had to call and threaten legal action. These things should have been fixed before we moved in, but instead we were left with the destruction of the previous tenants. Besides one of my roommates not being able to get her text books for school and bills pilling up because of the mail key nothing about this place was too, too serious. The hardwood they claim to have it purely laminate flooring like the rest of the place. Noise was a really big issue though- the walls are really thin, and if you have loud neighbors, you really are in trouble. You can hear toilets flushing above, below, and beside you all the time. I operate on an early schedule, so when my neighbors were blasting loud rap music at 12am, I really suffered. We can always here the dog below us when he barks. Also, the smoke detectors are really sensitive and go off very often. If two people have burnt food in two different apartments the alarms will go off for the whole building. The fire department is called for absolutely no reason, and then you have to wait for one of the property managers (the closest one lives 40 miles away) to get there to shut it off. This is a REAL pain. It has happened multiple times in the time I have lived here, and I have only been here for half the lease so far. If you want basic, not fantastic living- River Oaks will suit you. Its atleast on the bus line and you aren't going to get robbed. Landmark definetly prefers its other properties over River Oaks, so if you don't mind being shafted so the other properties get priority then you won't be bothered. Landmark is not parentally caring like it claims to be. They are apathetic to the cares of it's tenants.
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River Oaks

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