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Riverbend Club Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/22/2007
I have read all of the other reviews and I am puzzled. Our apartment is great, and I will have been in it for 2 years come August. We have minor roach problems in the kitchen but the exterminator that comes every wednesday keeps them in check.<br><br>The staff is very nice, the pool/deck area is great for tanning/cooking out. The maintenance people are very helpful - have been prompt in replacing our dishwasher, microwave, and washing machine. Rent is $265 a month with 4 people... that is almost unheard of.<br><br>The energy usage could be better - our AC is a bit inefficient, but the low rent makes up for it. Convenient to campus, bus stop, and golf course.<br><br>Looking at the good experience that I have had and looking at the extremely negative ones that others have had, I have just come to the conclusion that <br><br>1) if you have a lot of problems, especially with bugs, then you havent gone to the office to get it worked out... thats on you - every time i pay rent they ask me if everything is ok... i never wait more than a day when i report that something is wrong<br><br>2) You picked a bad apartment at the start. If they take you through a place and you are not satisfied, tell them to take you through different ones until you like one. THOROUGHLY inspect every one that you go in (this goes for every apartment complex). If you dont like it... dont live there. You would be stupid to move into an apartment that was nasty and you knew it beforehand.<br><br>Sign a lease here.... but be smart about it
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Riverbend Club Apartments

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