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Prospective Resident · 1996
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Office Staff
Tivoli is an aging apartment complex in a town that is full of new development. As a result, rentals there have fallen off over the last decade or so as students flock to the newer complexes. This has meant an overall fall-off in the quality of the already old buildings as revenue decreases. Tivoli was very student-oriented for a long time, but frankly, a more unsavory element is adopting the place now. Crime and general sketchiness have increased there in the past few years, although the complex's proximity to Cedar Shoals High School will probably keep it from getting too bad. The buildings are old and the plumbing can definitely be problematic. Some of the units have bug problems and some don't, but roaches are a definite reality on the grounds. Make sure you spray, fill, and caulk, and don't leave your windows cracked. If you're going to live there, it is best to rent one of the privately owned condos near the entryway to the grounds. Some of the owners keep their units up quite well. (For the record, I lived in a privately owned condo, but had several friends living in apartments in the complex at the same time.) If you have to go with a regular apartment, however, avoid the ground floor. As previous reviews indicate, both flooding and bugs are frequent problems in these units. Ground floor apartments are generally more prone to break-ins as well (but that's true anywhere you live). I greatly enjoyed the pool, which is large and was frequently cleaned. Regular efforts were made to police the pool to keep non-residents out. (Residents are allowed to have guests, however.) I personally liked the office staff, but I took the time to get to know them a little. It's always helpful to be on friendly terms with apartment managers if possible. You'll find that when you need work done it's done quicker and better. I do recommend living on the east side of Athens if you wish to be insulated from game day traffic and such. Much of Athens is paralyzed during home football games, but the east side (especially past Gaines School Road) largely dodges the bullet. However, I'd avoid Tivoli (unless you can get a good privately owned condo); there are newer and better complexes in the area.
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