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Towne Club Condominiums



Resident · 2009
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Office Staff
You can find nicer places that are just a little bit farther away from campus. I really, really regret living here for 08-09. -Our AC broke at least a dozen times. Whether it we froze it or not, the thing couldn't keep the apartment comfortable when it was hot outside..which is pretty much all summer and most of fall and a lot of spring. If we just overworked the AC, then the insulation is terrible or the unit is drastically underpowered. -Rent is not that high but you can find better deals -Instead of a deposit that you either get back or pays for maintanence at the end of your stay there, you pay a 250.00 PROCESSING FEE? You never see a dime of that again...I don't know how hard it is to file the forms or what is involved, but most other places don't take this money from you so go figure. -I just got charged for the piece of $%#@ blinds that broke by themselves during my stay there, 25$ each. Thanks towne club. Usually a deposit would cover things like this along with the 60 of other stupid things they charged but oh, wait, that wasnt a deposit, they just took 250.00 from me. - They spaced the parking spots so that they could jam as many people as possible into their small lot. This makes it virtually impossible to not ding someones car when opening your door and the same goes for them to your car. -I hope the new pool they built is nice because it would take something along the lines of Atlantis in the Bahamas to make me want to go back there. By the way don't a lot of these really excited posts about the place look fake? "OMG WHAT A GREAT TIME!!!! MY CONDO FANTASIES CAME TRUE!!! I can understand if you didn't have any complaints, but c'mon. We spent the year with the pool being a giant dirt hole in the ground, and that was the least of my complaints. Pros: Right down the corner from an optometrist in case reading their contract/lease makes you think you need to check your eyes
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Towne Club Condominiums

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