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Towne Club Condominiums



Resident · 2009
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Office Staff
i lived here for 2 years. the first year was great. I liked the management, the staff was friendly... then ---------------- took over, and everything turned bad. ------ is not only rude, she is unqualified for her position. When my two roommates moved out and two more moved in, they did not clean the living space. Then when we all moved out, we got creamed for messes the old roommates made, even though it didn't have anything to do with us. Over the summer my washing machine broke, and it was not fixed THE ENTIRE SUMMER. THE ENTIRE SUMMER. I didn't get an "im sorry" or a "hey we'll cut you a deal on rent." then it broke again, and we had to call over and over until someone came out. The second time it took about 3 minutes to fix... and we had to wait 2 weeks. When we moved out, ------ charged me for "wallpaper rips"... haha... who rips wallpaper? Really it was just an excuse to repaper the apartment without having to pay for it. She also charged me for cleaning my bathroom... I am a girl.. I am not messy, but I moved out in May, and the apartment lease ended in July. When she came in, the toilet was black.... hmmmm... could it be a water filtration problem? or maybe a crappy toilet? Its certainly not MY fault that you have piss poor facilities. Finally, the apartment complex decided to re do the pool in March. That would have been great, if it had taken 4 weeks like they said. Instead, it wasn't done until after I had already moved out.. who in the world would re do a pool during pool season!? Again, there was no "Im sorry" or "Lets cut rent." This place is convenient, but the management is so bad its not worth it.
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Towne Club Condominiums

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