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Resident · 2015
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The entire complex has a German roach infestation. I lived there for maybe 10 days and couldn't handle it anymore. The first apartment (I7) I was supposed to move into had a broken window, it was filthy and had baby roaches crawling in it. I was offered off brand bug spray as an option. They reluctantly allowed me to stay in the model for a few days until they could find me some place else. I was then moved a few apartments down (H10). They said that there had been a full clean out and that I should have any issues. Once I started to move in I awoke the infestation. They were EVERYWHERE. I had one crawl across my leg in the bed. In the 2nd bedroom. In the bathroom. In the fridge. The oven. Everywhere I looked. Turns out the previous tenant (who lives below) had hygiene that was not so great and brought on the infestation, which is why she moved but the problem lingered. It wasn't just my apartment either. In the short time I was there I mean about 5 or 6 other resident who lived in different buildings who also told me about their roach problem. The girl Eryn at the front desk even told me I wasn't the only person to come to her with this concern. They have gone through three or four pest control companies because they refuse to pay the extra money to take care of the residents. There was nothing I could do to stop the problem. I called orkin and he said to even attempt to get it under control it could take up to a year and then after that there would still be more work to be done. I was getting sick not only from the bugs but from all the chemicals I would spray to try to stop the issue. In the end I had to leave because no one should have to live like that. Even my neighbors left. I contacted the health department, the management company that owns it as well as a law firm. In the end I got a letter from them charging me over $2,000 for leaving even if it was because the place was inhabitable due to their lack of concern. Besides the roach issue the buildings are really old, walls are paper thin, the surrounding area is run down. I don't want anyone to go through what I did which is why I wrote this. They make it seem like it is such a great place to live but its not. The only person on the staff who genuinely cares is Eryn. Please go find another place to live and spend the extra money to live happily because it will not happen at University Gardens.
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