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Resident · 2017
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Office Staff
If you are generally a clean person that likes their living space to be clean, I would not recommend living here. I find all sorts of bugs on the daily, a lot of them being roaches and sometimes they even fly. I never leave any food out, I keep the sink clean of dirty dishes, I wipe countertops and the stove, but the roaches keep appearing. A roach fell on my lap once. The building is extremely old with tiny cracks and crevices it is easily accessible for unwanted bugs to come in and crawl all over the apartment. The apartment has a weird, musty odor that I can't seem to get rid of. The AC unit is at least 50 years old and is either on all the time or off all the time. Once you turn it on, it constantly blows air until you turn it off which is a huge waste of electiricity. There are only 2 vents to the AC. One is in the living room and one is in the bedroom (none in the bathroom see below). Inside the kitchen cabinets are plain gross and looks like someone started to spray paint over the wood, but quit halfway. I don't keep any dishes in there. The walls are pretty thin and I can hear my neighbors in the next room talking or watching tv. The bathroom has little to no air circulation, so after a shower the humidity stays in and after a while, it starts to make the shower and shower curtain stink and form mildew. The staff warns you to keep the bathroom doors open during and after showering to prevent any mold and mildew. I keep the doors open at all time, but the air does not circulate since there is no AC vent or anything. Overall, I don't recommend living here unless you don't care about any of the things I listed above. For the amount I'm paying for a 1br/1ba, I'd rather find a roommate and live in a nicer 2 br apartment for the same price. On a positive note, UGA is a 5 minute drive and there is an Athens Transit bus that takes you to school and back. There is also a lot of parking spaces at the complex I'm in, but the parking lot is very dark. The staff here is really friendly, but for some reason doesn't reply to emails well, you have to go in and remind them if you want a maintenance request which isn't really a big deal.
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