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WestPark Club



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 - 2016 Recommended
Reviewed 06/14/2016
Pros: I have lived here a total of three years. The grounds are well kept and the tennis court and pool area is very nice. The first two years (2013-2015) the management was great, however recent changes have not been as positive (see below). Louis is very friendly and does a great job responding to maintenance problems if contacted directly. I love the floor plan of my apartment, and think that the actual apartments are nice. Residents are friendly and the community is quiet. Overall, I have been happy here. Cons: the management changed about a year ago. Since these changes, the staff in the office fluctuates every time I go in and does not seem well trained before they quit/ move on and the next person is hired. I rarely see the same person twice. Communication has also been lacking lately- phone calls are not returned and messages/ work orders are not documented or passed on from one day to the next. We recently had an incident where someone was supposed to come out on a set day but never showed. We constantly called and rescheduled but were put off or had a no-show for several weeks before the maintenance took place. Our patio door is also coming out of the wall, which we reported 2-3 times after moving in, however this has yet to be fixed as promised. The grounds have also been increasingly covered with dog feces that residents are not cleaning up, as they should. I love the pool area, however I am not a fan of the complex doing renovations and closing it during the summer months- it is not very logical. Also, we pay for a gated community but the gate is left open more than it is closed, which decreases safety. Overall, the pros do outweigh the cons and I love my home. However, I have not been impressed with recent management. Hopefully it will improve soon!
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WestPark Club

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