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251 North Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2015 Recommended
Reviewed 11/20/2015
Lots of bad reviews, so I figured I'd throw in my two cents, since it seems most of the time people only review when angry. I have been living here for a bit now, and I have to say, it has been the best complex I've lived at so far. It seems that all apartments get the same reviews -- office staff sucks, maintenance sucks, unsafe, etc. That's because an individual has had a bad experience -- I know, I've been there. Just as a disclaimer, the apartment I rent is a two-story renovated unit, and it is not in a flood area, so these aspects should be taken into consideration. So, I'll sum up my experience so far: -- The unit: I have not had any of the problems others are having. The upgrades are nice, everything functions perfectly, I have never seen a single insect or similar pest inside my walls. I never hear my neighbors (but I also don't have anyone above me). -- Office staff: Never had an issue. They've always been very courteous and professional with me. My only complaint would be that the office staff changed 3x just within the first couple of months with me living there, and the inconsistency was kind of annoying. -- Maintenance: No issues there. They have been slower on a few small cosmetic things (i.e. a small section of my kitchen cabinet baseboard needed to replaced), but they have always been punctual with the more important things (my washing machine hook-up was leaking, they were there quickly and fixed it in a matter of minutes). -- Outside grounds: I never see any garbage or anything sketchy. There are disposal bags provided on the grounds for cleaning up puppy poop, and most of the time I see people using them. There are always a couple of piles here and there, but that's because some tenants are just lazy, and is no fault of the staff (and they will send out notices if they feel it's getting excessive). Unlike other apartments I've lived in, I've never seen the main garbage dump overflowing everywhere, which is a nice change. The gate is always working -- it did get broken once, but that only lasted about two days, and I saw maintenance actively working on it during that time. -- Amenities: Haven't used the pool, so I can't comment on that. Workout room is small and only has a few machines, but no one really uses it anyway, so you don't have to worry about battling anyone for space. And everything that is in there functions. There are only for washers/dryers in the laundry area, so you may have to wait your turn at times if you're planning to use those. -- Safety: This area is actually pretty safe, especially compared to other areas of Atlanta. Being that it is in the heart of the city, it is inherently "more dangerous" than surrounding metro areas. That just comes with the territory when moving to an urban location like this. However, I feel safe here -- I have no qualms walking to nearby stores, I don't feel scared carrying my garbage out at night, and I have no fears about the fact that I am raising my two young children in this area. Summary: I've lived in numerous complexes over the years, and so far this is the best. I think it all depends on your apartment (old vs upgraded), location (floor level and staying out of flood zones), and mindset (recognize that you are in Atlanta and love it for what it is).
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251 North Apartments

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