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251 North Apartments



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fiorella b • Resident 2016 - 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/12/2018
You are likely to experience massive property loss if you move to 251 North Apartments (located at the corner of North Ave and Central Park Ave). And then the company will charge you for it! While I was out of town my Jeep was destroyed in a flash flood while parked in the complex's parking lot. Obviously 251 North refused any responsibility. There was at least 3 feet of flood water accumulated in a short amount of time. At least 5 other cars were also destroyed. The complex did not alert us before, during, or after the flood. They have stated that it is the city's fault, because, and this is a quote from the property manager, "Atlanta routinely fails to maintain the sewer system in this area." So there you go, if you'd like to pay inflated rent for a central location with no sewage maintenance, 251 is the place for you. They are doing a construction project which they say will fix the issue, but there is flooding in an upper part of the lot as well which will not be addressed by the construction. So take your chances I guess! As I was shopping around for attorneys and sharing my experience, I learned that this flooding has been routinely happening since 1994. This property just rebrands every several years once enough complaints have piled up. I needed to break my lease once my Jeep was destroyed because I was in Atlanta for a fellowship with the CDC, and replacing the Jeep just wasn't worth staying the additional months in Atlanta for the fellowship. There is a $996 fee for breaking the lease early. They obviously would not let me out of it despite property destruction on their property being the sole reason I was moving. I pointed out that if I let my network know of my experience and posted reviews online, and if that resulted in even one apartment staying vacant an extra month or lowering the rent on 2 apartments by $100 a month to get tenants, then that is a net revenue loss for them. So you can see the level of business acumen you are dealing with here. I love spreading the word to yelpers, but I would prefer my money. I also pointed out that generally a landlord/property owner would be required by law to provide a safe environment. I also assume that even if the city does not do proper sewage maintenance it becomes the business's problem when they build apartments and a parking lot on top of the unmaintained area. In response, the property manager, Vanessa Bush, told me, quote, "we do not aim to provide a safe or secure environment." Additionally, when I moved out they charged me for repairs that I had put in maintenance requests on. Maintenance came, did their thing which was to pluck the mushrooms growing on the baseboards, and closed the service request. And then I was charged for the damage. Interestingly, the building had told me that if I used their cleaning service for $95 then they would not charge me any additional fees for cleaning upon move-out. The damage was carpet damage due to mushrooms due to a leaky sink. The species that grew was a coprinus species. This type of mushroom degrades into an inky sludge. They also charged me for another stain which was normal wear and tear but they said they would need to deep clean it. I asked how this could be an additional cost to them since 1) don't they normally deep clean carpets and 2) the carpet was old when I moved in - it is very surprising that they wouldn't replace it. But, if they are neither deep cleaning nor replacing carpet when tenants move out, that would explain the fleas present when I moved in. There were fleas in the apartment when I moved in. I complained. I was told that I did not have fleas because the previous tenant did not have pets. They never sent anyone over. I got fleas badly maybe a year later. I did have them send an exterminator for this. It's $50. I had a scary experience with the man they sent and felt very unsafe with him being in my apartment. The building refused to acknowledge or respond to it. In addition, they do not routinely remove the trash from the one dumpster they have. Trash overflows out of the bins every week. After being away from the apartment for a few days I would find rat turds littering my bedroom and living room. The rats will come into even the 2nd floor apartments once you've been away for a few days. Hope you don't travel for work! As I was corresponding with them about the fees, they stopped replying to email. I asked 6 times how to pay the bill since they had shut down my electronic account and did not actually send me any bill. No response. I asked when they would send it to collections. No response. Guess what, it was sent to collections! Every single time I was in the office in the two years I lived here, there were tenants complaining about random fees on their monthly bills. Lisa Mills and Vanessa Bush are the only employees I have ever communicated with. I would advise to stay away from any property that employs them!
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251 North Apartments

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