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251 North Apartments



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Kimc36 • Resident 2010 - 2011 Recommended
Reviewed 01/27/2011
I movd in 8 months ago on a 10 month lease. I just got a notice to renew on my door witha 23 dollar increase. Thats not too bad considering i moved from my last place because the increse was 80 dollars. I have pretty much enjoyed my stay here. I do plan to renew but only for 6 months. Security, Im not even sure if they have security officers, but it is gated and the gate has only been broken maybe twice since ive lived here, i dont know of any apartment or car break ins. Management, is good. I dont ever talk to them but if i need to i prefer to talk to Arial, shes really nice. Grounds, are REALLY bad. this is the worst part, not really a lot of trash but the freaking leaves are so bad. and my porch gets covered in them and dirt so i cant ever use it. Neighbors, are good i actually know a few people who are really nice. This place deffinatly isnt ------. My apartment is nice. kinda just plain but it fixes up really great. Maintinance, i dont really know, im really handy and can fix things myself and dont like people i dont know coming into my unit. Overall, i would suggest this place to my friends. It was the best deal in Midtown. I like it here but dont love it...
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251 North Apartments

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