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251 North Apartments



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MarkFry33 • Resident 2008 - 2011 Recommended
Reviewed 04/26/2011
Lets go over the importmant things first: Security... I have never had an issue with this. The crime stays relativly low for downtown Atlanta. I haven't ever heard of any crime happening on the property except for a few car break ins. This does seem to happen all over midtown though. I would like to go ahead and say that this is a pretty safe complex! Location, location, location... Is awesome. I can walk to publix, walgreens, and chase bank wothout even crossing any roads. Neighbors... I live on the third floor (top) so I dont ever hear anyone. I actually moved in knowing 2 people on the property who referred me. The people here are very friendly, and seem to be a good group of people. Except for the as&*#(e that lives in the 800 building who blairs his TV extremly loud during the day. But, other than that I love the neighbors! Rental rate... I got a STEAL on my unit. I moved in in 2008 and pay well under what my buddies pay for their units in midtown. I dont want to start controversay so I'll just say I pay under 800 a month for a pretty large unit. Maintinance.... Sucks! Point blank. They are great guys, but seem to do everything half a**. BUT, I will say that everytime ive had an emergency, it has been handled promptly. Parking... Can't get much better. The last place i lived I could never find a spot. There is ample parking and it is very well lit! Grounds/Pool... Beautiful, I love the pool, my friends love the pool. The property has a great curb appeal to it. However, there are a few spots on the property that dont seem to be taken care of as well as others. But lucky for me, my building stays looking good. I do seem to find cobwebbs around my door quite often and maintinance wont do anything about it, so it is up to you to handle that issue. Management... Seems to be good. Never had any problems with them. I pay on time and always renew on time so they dont ever need to hassle me about anything. When I renewed my lease it was a 3% increase so not too bad. The apartment... Is very bland. Kind of dated. But it works for me. I'm not picky. This place is deff. not upgraded. But, reading other comments on here it seems that they do have renovated units, and I was unaware of this. Overall... I would reccomend this place. It's basically going to come down to how high your standards are.
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251 North Apartments

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