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251 North Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2009 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/17/2011
If you are thinking about moving here to City-Scape at Midtown Apartments, read this review before you move!!!!! Or At least, not the ground level apartments, because they flood terribly! Upon move in, I was indeed told by Ariel Napier, the leasing Consultant; which happens to be the Property Manager's daughter; leased a ground level apartment to me. I was under the impression, or was led to believe that the flooding issue was rectified by Management. A few months went by, no rain, no flood, no nothing. I really thought I got a steal. I thought I got the best deal ever, with the price that I received for my apartment, and the location where the apartments lies. Unfortunately, my view quickly changed after the first flood. Since these apartments are located at the bottom crest of north avenue, and central park, anyone could see that it would flood because the apartment is at the bottom of the hill. What I didn't know is that WATER from North Avenue, and Central Park Avenue (Argonne Avenue) drains right into the back/sides, and front of the apartments. I was shocked to see after a session of continuous rain; which lasted for 15 minutes, water started to come through the walls; in the back of my apartment, which traveled all the way to the living room. Lots and lots of water came into my apartment this occurrence. Water which backed up from North avenue spilled over into the complexes' lower parking structure, which quickly filled up; backing up into other tenants apartments; from the front. Many cars were ruined, damaged, submerged, underneath water, by fast rising flood waters. What kills me, is that the response time in getting things cleaned up took an eternity. My Stuff got damaged, which I had to replace, that the flood insurance didn't cover my 1,000 deductible, I had to complain multiple times to Renee Napier, the Property Manager, for maintenance to fix the things in my apartment in a timely manner; such as doors, floor panels, etc which were affected by the flood. This went on for a few more months, until I decided that I was going to break my lease, due to negligence of the management staff. I was so tired of the promises to fix the problems in my apartment, sometimes things that maintenance would fix, few weeks later the problem would re-surface. The headaches of just trying to get things fixed in my apartment. Ariel and Renee Napier both, in my opinion oversimplified the issues of my apartment. I really did enjoy the location, the location was great, however, the price and the flooding is not worth the convenience, at all!
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251 North Apartments

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