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K8y88m • Resident 2014 - 2016 Recommended
Reviewed 12/01/2016
I moved into Amli November of 2014 and just moved out a couple weeks ago. On the whole my experience with Amli was great. The first year was amazing, living right in the middle of everything and right on the park. But unfortunately 2 months into my lease renewal the construction began...I realize this is not at the fault of Amli but this really made living there the last 6 months kinda miserable, which sticks because I loved it here so much. The staff and maintenance is great which is a rarity at big apartment complexes, but having the streets shut down weekly and dealing with power and water being shut off puts a damper on your once serene home. I only went to the pool once this summer because of the construction, sucks to pay for an amenity you don't even want to use anymore because you are right next to a loud giant construction pit. The whole O4W area is starting to get like this, even at the opposite end of the park you cant escape the cranes due to all the construction near the Mascaraed. As you can tell from my rating the only real issue I had with the actual apartments were noise levels, and I am not one who is bothered by noise usually but I have never lived somewhere the walls are so paper thin. You can hear every time your upstairs neighbor flushes their toilet and takes a shower. Also you think your upstairs neighbor is a giant dropping bowling balls when really they are just walking across their floor and shutting their cabinets like normal. That being said, the staff really does care about your requests and maintenance is great and the guys are nice. They even have complimentary maintenance and will hang decorations for you. I loved the layout of my apartment because it was unique and not just a rectangle. It was spacious and I loved having two sinks in the bathroom. The finishes and appliances are also better than any apartment I've ever been in. If you aren't bothered by noise and construction, and are fed up with inconsiderate staff and actually want to live where leasing office personal are professional, then I recommend Amli.
AMLI Parkside Manager12/09/2016

Thank you for submitting your feedback on your living experience while at AMLI. We understand your frustration with the construction and the noise from your neighbors. We also understand the only thing that is constant is change and our area is ever changing with new homes, apartments, and businesses being build regularly. We are sad to see you go, but we wish you the best in your new home. Should you ever be in the market for an apartment in the future, we hope that you would consider living at an AMLI property. Best of luck!

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