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Prospective Resident · 2015
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I am planning to move to the Atlanta area in the next few weeks. I went to look at some apartments here. I would have picked them had they had what I was looking for (they are almost sold up!). First- I actually asked Kasee for how she'd like me to leave a review. They didn't have what I needed and she "gave it to me straight" on some of the nearby apartments. No sales pitch, but basically said "hey- if we don't have it, here's what you should know based on your priorities." I actually picked a nearby apartment she recommended that met my needs and fit my price point. She also gave me suggestions to get some of the neighborhood vibes and I'm SO HAPPY she did. I LOVE the building and location we picked; she was legitately interested in "fit". Second- the style is what you'd expect of new apartments. They were really nice and "current". Something I liked about them was that they felt really solid, if you know what I mean. Nothing shook and everything seemed really solid. There's concrete hallways (a plus for me because I'm moving from a house and going to have to train my dog to "hold it" when it's time for our walks. Can't say enough for the customer service and "straight talk". Kasee was so straightforward with everything, it made me pick this place (even though they ran out of the 2 bedrooms... Only reason why I didn't pick it!). If you're looking for an apartment, this place is totally worth a gander. If you've ever lived in a poorly managed building, you appreciate people who are responsive. I have never dealt with a more professional property management office! The only thing I will say about the fourth ward area- walk around to the Whole Foods from Amli. There's some drugs and such in the area. It's a ways away; I felt totally safe at Amli (and I'm a girl I my 20s), but if the goal is to "walk everywhere", get a good feel. Inman Quarters is a bit yuppy and expensive, so somewhere in between (Krog Street Market) for me was the right fit.
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AMLI Ponce Park Manager


Dalistillrox, Wow, thank you so much for the review. So often people leave reviews on product they purchased or where they live. Less often do they write reviews just for an experience when they didn't buy something. Kasee and our folks on the AMLI teams have a goal of leaving that lasting impression on our customers. The highest compliment we can receive is when someone leaves a positive review just from interacting with us even though we were not able to meet your needs. We are so happy that Kasee help you find your 2nd choice home when we could not find something available to meet your needs and that she was able to help you make the decision to move in the area with her "straight talk". Thank you so much for this review and we hope to see you at AMLI Ponce Park in the future!

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