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Ashford Embry Hills Apartment Homes



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Office Staff
Resident 2014 - 2017 Recommended
Reviewed 03/10/2017
This is actually called Ashford Embry Hills now. I have lived here since 2014 and I must say at first I was hesitant. The first night I woke to go the kitchen cut the lights on and roaches were everywhere. We hadn't even completely unpacked. I hate bugs. I couldn't tolerate it because we had an infant and as soon as I saw one on her crib, I was pissed. HOWEVER, the day morning we headed to Home Depot, got bug bombs, traps and left the apt for the day. Within 2-3 weeks we were bugless. My husband moved in before I did and forgot to bomb the place, which I think maintenance should have done before new tenants move in. So, if your a nasty person that eats all over your house you may have bug issues and if you know your neighbors are nasty, bug your apartment and spray monthly. I have noticed that occasionally you will see centiped looking bugs and waterbugs. But you see those in houses too. Again, that was 2014 and we are still here. I actually enjoy the place, a bit over priced but in my HS daughter school zone. Great renovations to the fitness, kids room, business center. As with any apartment complex, you will have issues with trash in dumpsters because some people are nasty. I love the extra den where my husband has his own man room, only the larger apartments though. I have known a tenant to have issues with mold, but they had it taken care of. They have gone through many owners and workers where you can't form a relationship. Btw-walls are thin... I would recommend this place.
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Ashford Embry Hills Apartment Homes

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