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Resident · 2020
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Office Staff
I have worked in and around professional businesses my entire life. From biomedical research and animal medicine to public relations and more. I have hired and fired my fair share. I have lived in 4 different states and have rented, bought, sold and owned property my entire adult life. I have NEVER seen someone as unprofessional who has ZERO business dealing with the public the way property manager Tia Reynolds does. My husband is working for Google and temporarily renting an apartment here. I come to visit him from NC during the week. I had Amazon packages delivered to the office thinking they would be safe from porch pirates. As it turns out, dealing with criminals would be far less stressful than dealing with Ms. Reynolds. Her complete lack of professional conduct, presentation, communication, conflict resolution and public relation skills are so far below what I would expect to see a McDonald's employee demonstrate that I am SHOCKED she is employed at all, much less overseeing the quality of the home lives for these families and individuals here at Ashford at Spring Lake. I was honestly not expecting to be treated so badly that I was ridiculously upset and sick to my stomach. I'm a stupidly friendly, happy person to strangers. Always have been. I am not a delicate flower but Jesus. This woman is rude, disrespectful, power hungry, and downright nasty. To top it off, to make sure I could NEVER finish a sentence while trying to resolve an issue regarding policy, procedure and practicality with regard to Amazon package pickup, she simply opted to throw me out of the office in a demonstration of authority and "power" by picking up the phone and stated if I didn't leave she would call 911 and (lie) and tell the police I was "harassing, threatening, and being confrontational" with her. NONE OF WHICH IS TRUE. So basically she was willing to potentially get me arrested on a series of LIES because she no longer wanted to discuss (I never yelled, insulted or cussed at her, though she never stopped being nasty and cutting me off) whatever I was trying to talk about or resolve. I tried several different ways to diffuse the situation and take a new communication path but all it did was make her more angry and argumentative. It was her way or the highway. She made it abundantly clear and stated several times that she "didn't care" about basically ANYTHING I knew or had to say. To be frank, she made it VERY obvious she didn't care about me at ALL, my business there, what I had to say, thought or who I was married to that LIVES there that helps pay HER salary! She showed NO emotional maturity or regulation and less ability to professionally advocate for her employer much less tenants under her care. Clearly, Tia Reynolds is two things; she is not someone who worries about losing her job, or doing it well, and is SO obviously a lawsuit waiting to happen.
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