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Auburn Glenn Apartments

49 Boulevard Ave

Atlanta, GA 30312



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/29/2005
The place just opened last year so there are the customary growing pains and keeping in mind they tore down a crack house to build it, it is only natural with the pace of gentrification there will be some remnants/ambiance from this "colorful" past. It was a bit scary at first and the security was sporadic before the gate was operational (not saying these features work currently). My yuppy friends who visited said the crackheads were always polite saying please and thank you even if you couldn't please spare a dollar", and always wishing "good day to you sir or maam". However since all the break-ins in the building were to the leasing office and clubroom where they "borrowed" the sorround sound system and dvd but were thoughtful to leave the television, I was not too bothered. My apartment was nice. The furnishings and facilities were nice (mostly pottery barn for the clubroom). Maybe too nice since it attracted 1/4 of the recently displaced Grady Home residents who were well receiving of the well-equipped gym and pool (that eventually opened a year after promised). The new residents were so happy they invited all the young people from the surrounding projects near and far to share their joy and to cool down from a hot summer day. They were a very punctual group who arrived promptly at 6:15 at the pool, when the last of the office staff departed. Too bad that all the nice pictures were "borrowed" from the wall of the hallways, which caused the nightly security details to return and the neighbors no longer felt welcomed. It is not like there was not a very adequate public safety officer residing in the building why there was even the need for extra security. True he works nights and is asleep in the day (plus the side work needed to pay for his late model Cadillac sedan). When my neighbor --who I strongly believed was a stripper, except that she was broke since she always had eviction notices on the door, found herself a young stud, I was treated to head banging wild sex sounds every night from midnight to 2 a.m. plus the drunk fights every weekend with her boy toy, our ambiguous neighbor, her drunk friends and her other deadbeat best friend who also lived next door--skipped out on her rent the place was really quiet and I no longer had any neighbor issues (or decent gossip) to occupy my time. The 3, 5, and 7a.m. nightly fire alarms also decreased to once or twice monthly affairs. The trash situation and dirty halls is a big problem and for some reason some people want to blame our neighbors who previously resided in Grady Homes for these issues. The office staff is very professional and friendly --but they cut you no breaks and treat you like an enemy combatant when get locked out, your card does not work and you need a new one, or even look like you might have an issue. <br>This place is a great place for those who are scholars of human nature because you have all segment of societies close at hand from crack heads, students, professional, entrepreneurs, ex-cons, hoodlums, artist, gay party-boys, law enforcement, paranoid schizo and the crazy lady w/ HIV on the 1st floor all at your door. At times you may feel that the walls are designed to keep the inmates in instead of to keep people out when you see some of your neighbors and as you stroll to the great coffee shop across the street, you may see the occasional naked crack head talking to themselves (only saw twice during my residency). The views are spectacular if you are located on the north side of the building and you can look out and see midtown and Buckhead and all the fire works on the 4th or you can look down to street level and see the police chase (only saw twice during my stay). The place is definitely convenient, cheap and colorful and I would recommend it to all.
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Auburn Glenn Apartments

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