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Avana Lenox Apartments

925 Canterbury Road Northeast

Atlanta, GA 30324



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runfromthewalk • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/23/2005
THIS PLACE TRULY IS DISGUSTING.. <br><br>I JUST HAD THE MISFORTURE OF MOVING TO THIS CANLEN BLUCK! FROM HOUSTON TEXAS.. TIME CONSTRAINTS WITH MY NEW JOB.. MADE ME FIND SOMETHING ESSENTIALLY SIGHT UNSEEN. I DID HOWEVER GO THROUGH "PROMOVE" WELL.. THAT NEEDS TO BE RENAMED.. "LIE TO YOU ABOUT YOUR MOVE" GOD I HOPE THE $5.00 THE GUY MADE ON MAKING THIS LEASE HAPPEN MAKES HIM VERY HAPPY. <br><br>THIS "TOWNHOUSE" THAT I RENTED.. REALLY SHOULD BE CALLED.. LAND FILL <br><br>There are leaks.. and mold and true down right filth.. throughout.. <br>Water cascading under the kitchen sink.. of course I reported all of this yesterday to LAUREN.. <br>and today.. the MAINTENANCE.. guys .. finally sloughed in about 3PM.. ((GEE THANKS.. it's only a HUGE leak in the flippin' KITCHEN!!!!!))<br>So.. today they send two geniuses.. over to my little filthy townhouse.. <br>to fix the leak. <br>OH MY GOD.. <br>I know more than they do.. <br>I asked them before they left if they were SURE.. THAT THE LEAK was fixed.. <br>OH.. yeah lady.. no worries.. <br>we got it!<br>OK.. SO.. I come back to the crappy horrible hovel...about 90 minutes later.. upon my return.. I see the place is caked with thousands .. literally THOUSANDS.. <br>of ants all over the place.. EEEK! I WON'T EVEN CONSIDER SLEEPING IN THIS HELL HOLE!!! I DON'T EVEN HAVE A DIET COKE IN THIS PLACE.. SO.. WHY THE PLAGUE OF ANTS?? Oh.. THAT'S RIGHT THIS IS HELL!!!<br>So .. then then.. I ran some water in the kitchen sink.. TO get some water.. since I haven't even started to unpack.. and I still have a waterfall under my sink.. THANKS DIDN'T KNOW THAT WAS ON THE LIST OF AMMENITIES... I think that these "maintenance" men actually made the whole damn thing worse.. <br>PERFECT!!!<br><br>None of the phone jacks work.. <br>I pulled them off the wall to fix them... and they don't even have screws in the terminals.. THE TEST JACK.. worked.. just fine.. so BellSouth did their job.. <br>Too Bad.. they set up.. my service in a 15-hundered dollar a month land fill.. run by a bunch if morons.. <br>MY GOD.. I HAD A FEELING.. I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED ... WHEN I READ ALL OF THOSE HORRIBLE REVIEWS.. <br>MY GOD.. THEY ARE A DAMN FAIRY TALE COMPAIRED TO WHAT THIS PLACE IS LIKE..<br>The maintenance crew are BEYOND HORRIBLE.. <br>and JAN.. the "boss" what ever.. <br>PLEASE.... managing a property in BUCKHEAD.. <br>Well. I have news for her.. <br> I am completely UNDERWHELMED.. She has the managerial skills of a self obsessed, narcissistic 4 year old.. <br>You can show her this.. I am sure she won't know what these big words mean. <br><br>Did I mention that "HAN" the HEAD OF MAINTENANCE.. slammed my garage door on top of my Brand NEW truck.. about 5 times?? <br>Ahhh.. the genius of these people is staggering.. <br><br><br><br>WHAT AM I GOING TO DO??? I DO NOT WANT TO LIVE THERE... <br>I WANT OUT.. <br>BUT.. My company just paid for the move.. and I have spent WAY too much money.. on this relocation.. <br>THIS PLACE IS DISGUSTING.<br><br>UNLESS YOU ARE READING THIS.. AND <br>YOU ARE STUDYING FOR A MASTER'S DEGREE..IN .. MOLD, ENTIMOLOGY, AND INEPT EMPLOYEES WITHIN THE PERIMITER <br>I HIGHLY URGE YOU TO RUN AWAY FROM THE WALK!!!<br>I AM FOR SURE WRITING TO THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU... THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS.. AND I AM GOING TO <br>REGISTER AS MANY COMPLAINTS WITH THE STATE OF GEORGIA THAT I POSSIBLY.. CAN.. <br><br>HELP!<br><br><br><br>
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Avana Lenox Apartments

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