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Avana Uptown Apartments

2910 Clairmont Road NE

Atlanta, GA 30329



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/04/2007
I can honestly say that I have never been more fearful for my life and personal safety within an apartment community than have I at the Heights at Clairmont. That s not to say that I don t feel safe, now. It is to say that, 1) there are now two armed guards patrolling the complex periodically throughout the day, and 2) I keep my doors locked at all times, not because I want to, but because I feel as if I have to. Should this be normal for a GATED luxury community. I ll let you answer that one for yourself. I, myself, currently reside in a one bedroom/one bath apartment with a rent tag of over $1200 a month. When I signed the lease, I did so with no hesitation because I thought that that price tag came with a certain level of security. Equally, I expected the price tag to match the quality of life that I would find here. Boy, was I sadly mistaken. <br><br>Before you decide to commit to this faux luxury apartment community, there are some things that you should consider:<br><br>a) If you so happen to take a tour this complex, management will undoubtedly show you the sparkling spotless pool. They will neglect to tell you, however, that it s not heated. This may not be an issue for some, but it s one for me.<br>b) Ants love this place. They ll love taking up residence in your apartment even more. <br>c) If you value your car, you should know that car break ins are a regular here at the Heights. Yes, in one night alone, more than 5 cars were broken into. <br>d) If you value your life, you should know that past the car break ins there was a case VERY recently in which at least 6 apartments were burglarized. When I say burglarized, I don t mean that the locks on the doors were picked, or that the doors were left unlocked. No, I mean that 6 doors were literally KICKED IN. And get this, believe it or not, this all occurred during Broad daylight in the morning hours. Nobody seemed to see or know a thing as to the description of the perpetrator(s). The estimated value of the items stolen during these early morning raids: At least $50K.<br>e) Apartments and cars aren t the only thing that the burglars around here target. About a week or two after the rash of apartment break-ins, the management office, too, was burglarized. <br>f) The club house that houses the complex s main facilities (i.e. P.C. lounge, GYM, Conference Room) closes at 10 p.m. and 9 p.m. on Sundays. This is completely and utterly ridiculous, especially given the amount of rent that we pay each month. These spaces, in my opinion, should be available 24/7.<br>g) It might be within your best interests to know that there s a crack house located very close in proximity to the complex. In fact, it s right next door. <br>h) If you re paying over $1200 in rent on a monthly basis, as [admittedly] inhumane as it may sound, you should not see the homeless at every major point of traffic outside the immediate vicinity of your complex. <br>i) The service of Wash & Fold that management loves to tell you about prior to your moving in is hardly enough to even be talked about. If you d like to use the service, no problem. Just leave your clothes and detergent in an unattended, unmanned room. Should the laundry attendant present themselves before your clothes manage to wind up stolen, then they ll definitely launder them for you. Who in the hell would want to leave their clothes in an unmanned room. Given the theft level of this community, that s definitely not a wise thing to do.<br>j) And finally, the attitudes of the professionals in the leasing office have truly gone to hell in a handbasket since the time I moved in. The staff seems to change every three months, and not for the better. <br><br>On the flip side, if you re still interested in moving to the Heights at Clairmont despite the previous, there are some benefits to living here. <br><br>i.) The Waffle House and the gas station, BP, is right down stairs.<br>ii.) The craftsmanship of the apartments is hard to miss. Much attention to details was paid during construction, and it shows.<br>iii.) The complex is right by the highway. It s possible to get to mid-town in about 10 minutes.<br>iv.) The grounds of the complex are always kept clean. There has never been a problem with the cleanliness of the common areas of this community. I hope this continues to be the case.<br>v.) As for safety, management has made an effort to rectify earlier issues. As I said earlier, they even went so far as to hire armed security patrolmen. It appears ( appears being the operative word) as if things have settled down some now.<br><br><br>Overall, the apartment complex, aesthetically, is great. Even with that being the case, it can be said that the cons FAR outweigh the pros of your moving here. You would do yourself a serious disservice by selecting this crime pit as your new home. I beg you to consider the question, what s the use in having a beautiful apartment if you don t feel safe in it? Those who do wish to proceed in selecting this place as their new home after reading this and other reviews deserve exactly what they get. You can never say that you weren t warned. I wish the same had been true for me. <br><br>The Heights at Clairmont: Project living at Luxury Prices. I love it! <br>
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Avana Uptown Apartments

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