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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/04/2007
Edit: I am changing my mind now, and downrate this complex.<br><br>Although I enjoy living here, I find it extremely rude to have all the extreme noise between noon and 3 PM. I have children who constantly wake up from theie nap during that time.<br><br>The lowever pool is being updated, they are giving the pool new tiles... hey, guys, do the same in the bathrooms !!!!<br><br>Residents here don't care about leaving dog poop behind, so that others step in. Thanks a lot !<br><br>Furthermore, I hate the mold in the apartment, inclduing the closet. Talking to other residents here, I find that many have the same problems. This can result in life-long health issues. I wish somebody would call the health department. My kids don't go to the bath tub, and I don't either. You gotta know that I actually love bathing, but not here. Have once, but I feel utterly disgusted within the mold between the tiles, that way hard to remove; I only shower.<br><br>Somebody bring the rent down in this complex. I can't believe people still rent here. Most appliances are completely outdated and require renewal.<br><br>Good luck also in dealing with the leasing office. Every office stuff is nice when you search for a place, but after you moved in, they give a darn to you. They may even make fun of you complaining about things.<br><br>Safe money, search somewhere else, if you prefer to live healthy. This place asks for too much rent, and forget that you referred somebody,so they won't have to pay you the 200 bucks. You have to remind them of it... ridiculous.<br><br>However. Maintenance is probably the best here. They are very helpful at all times. Poor guys have to deal with issues that could be easily solved by Post.<br><br><br>Remember, roaches will become your best friends!!!!<br><br><br>Here is what I wrote before:<br><br>I was just reading about somebody having an iinsect problem here. And I have to agree. I talked to several other residents who have the same problem. '<br>I can't even count the huge disgusting roaches anymore. I am so upset. I even feel they come from underneath the carpet or the aircondition, and who know how else they actually come in...?<br>Anyway, we are the apartment that is very well known in the office here, and they don't like us anymore. We had so many problems here, incluing mold in the bathroom. However, the rent compared to what a resident can expect is very poor!!!!! I have seen better places, renovated and much less !!!! We are moving out as soon as our lease ends. We are done here !!<br><br>What I like here is the residential activities. If one is new in town, it is the easiest to meet new people.
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