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Axial Buckhead

3432 Piedmont Road Northeast

Atlanta, GA 30305



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feynfan65 • Resident 2004 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/10/2007
My experience with The Cambridge at Buckhead (aka The Grove at Buckhead) is a mixed one. I do not recommend this community.<br><br>What was once a great place to live in 2004 and 2005 has, in my opinion, declined in many respects since a change in ownership that occurred on October 11, 2005. At that time it was acquired by Associated Estates Realty - AEC(NYSE) - a $280 million dollar public corporation that owns or property manages 111 apartment communities in 11 states. I would encourage prospective renters to avoid The Cambridge at the time of this review - February 2007.<br><br>It was unequalled in Buckhead when I initially rented there in May of 2004. The community leasing staff and maintenance crew made it feel like a true family. Always charming and efficient, they were a pleasure to work with. If you were to submit a maintenance work request then, there was a very good chance it would be completed the same day. During the summers, complimentary popsicle distribution was a daily event at the pool. There were frequent parties and wine-tasting get togethers - all sponsored by management. What has changed, you ask?<br><br>As far as management is concerned, the contrast is stark and noted. The atmosphere has changed from welcoming to corporate-like. There is not a single member of the staff - leasing or maintenance - remaining from before the ownership change. (Melissa, Colin, and Brady, and co. were the greatest.) This is a real shame, because in comparison to what was a prompt and friendly maintenance staff, there is now only the tardy and impersonal. You may be calling the office and reminding them about work orders. Unless you are a prospective resident whom they are wooing for a lease, expect an attitude.<br><br>The following are the other Cambridge Cons of note:<br><br>1) since the management change, I have had multiple rent bills that had reverted to "market rate", which required a personal visit to the office to resolve.<br><br>2) the gate is always broken. when the gate is working, the guest entrance is of inadequate size for all but compact vehicles. your guests should be okay with scuffed tires and wheels.<br><br>3) they now list 2 spaces in the already crowded covered 4000 building parking are as "Recreational Vehicles Only". plan on getting wet in the rain. there are also dilapidated boats and rusted, bent bikes that have taken up permanent residence in the covered areas.<br><br>4) piedmont road at lennox road is a mess. currently (early Feb 07) the exit is obstructed by construction equipment. you will have to navigate your way through the Chipotle parking lot to exit the apartment. when there is no construction going on, the intersection is a nightmare at best between 4:00pm - 7:00pm. if you have a small car count on scraping the bottom of it if you have to use the Chipotle parking lot - the slopes on the entrances and exits are too steep. SUV's will be okay.<br><br>5) there is no AC in the work out/ treadmill room. and the windows will not remain open, as the mechanism is broken... you will need to prop them up with a weight.<br><br>6) the main door to the workout room has been locked for months. there is currently a sign on the door requesting that you walk to the pool and use the other door. this was apparently management's preferred solution, rather than repairing the antiquated and clumsy combination lock on the door.<br><br>7) there have been numerous car break-ins in the past year<br><br>8) a resident was assaulted on the premises and sent to the emergency room in 2006<br><br>9) at least a couple of days a week I would find the entire access door to the individual mailboxes unlocked.<br><br>10) the ratio of professional residents to non-professionals seems to be shifting for the worse over time. (this is of course only my opinion and an anecdotal statement).<br><br>11) the access doors to the Comcast cable distribution frame was almost always unlocked, at least in my building. at least twice my cable service was disrupted and I would walk down there to find the cable to my unit disconnected.<br><br>12) dozens upon dozens of trees were cut down after the change of ownership. i concede that this could possibly be the result of pest infestation.<br><br>13) the units are very energy inefficient. if you plan on visiting, check out the utility room in each apartment that houses the gas water heater. there is a hole in the wall the size of a standard vent. in the winter, copious amounts of heat are lost via this closet. it is no excuse even if this is the result of some fire code because of the gas heater, as there is no insulation or lining around the door/floor anyway. my january 07 gas bill for a 2 bedroom unit was $140.<br><br>14) the trim and fixtures are cheap. for example, towel racks in the bathrooms are as cheap as they come. expect them to bend easily and fall off the wall.<br><br>15) appliances are second-rate. in my freezer, ice cubes would melt together to form one solid block. to be fair - if you are into ice-carving, you might think of this as a benefit. my request for repair was met with a response that the freezer was "operating normally".<br><br>16) the air filters are not changed on a regular basis anymore. i had to explicitly request it each time when mine needed changing.<br><br>I could go on...<br><br>I was just happy to leave. I wasn't even going to write a review until I went back to the office this weekend to check for any mail that may have remained... the experience I had motivated me to do the review.<br><br>I had my mail forwarded by the US Postal Service before departing as I should have, but wanted to make sure there weren't a few days that got lost in the mix. I swung by the office on February 10th '07 to ask them to look in my mailbox, and I was met with nothing but bad attitude. After asking them to check, I received a scowl in return, and it was impressed upon me that they were doing me a huge favor, as I was "no longer a resident". After expressing my surprise and displeasure, I was denied access to the mailbox altogether. Keep in mind that no one has yet moved into the unit in question and the mailbox is not in use. Also, note that the leasing office was empty, so I wasn't interrupting revenue producing activities. I informed the agent that this experience would result in a bad review, and her response was apathy.<br><br>To close, Buckhead is a fun and happening place to live, but I recommend that you cross The Cambridge at Buckhead off of your list. Good luck with your search! If you have further questions or want proof of my claims (I would be happy to scan and send you a PDF of energy bills, for instance) contact me at the email address on this post.<br><br>Almost forgot the Pros:<br>1) location<br><br>2) friendship with resident cab drivers could result in good deals on cab fare<br><br>3) you will meet many local police officers at the intersection as a result of traffic and construction projects - a solid networking opportunity<br><br>4) meet new friends when gathering outside to discuss the latest watermain break<br><br>5) 24 hour disco kroger - you will learn to ignore the panhandlers outside. do not look them in the eye, just keep walking
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Axial Buckhead

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