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Cascade Glen Apartments



Resident · 2014 - 2015
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
If you would like to live in an apartment home that looks good when you or your guest arrive on the premises. As well as the leasing office that is semi appeasing and smells great! Then this is indeed the place for you!! From the day of move in on the property is has been horrible! The maintinence and staff play the blame game and does not step up and take responsibility for what needs to be done!! There has been issues with many minor and major repairs fr0m day one. From move in of 2014 to 2015! Rats, roaches, mildew gnats, electrical issues and more. The aprtments (or the one I lived in) has bad installation so it is either very hot or very cold in some of the rooms! The utilities are high even when you are at work and gone most of the weekend. I have not seen a bill that has been below 70.00! Yes I paid my utilities every month and not their bare minnimum. The crime here is HORRIBLE!!!! The residents DO NOT watch their children and children are constantly roaming around in parking lot. If you enjoy the seeing the police three to four times a week, car theft, car break ins, home evasions, loud and raucious behvaior from your neighbors. Loud music and loitering all times of the day and night. This is the place for you!! If you enjoy drugs being sold, seeing your neighbors drink alcohol blantly out front. Teenagers roaming around and using lude and profane language as well as gambling on the premises! THen again this is the place for you. Many of the residence I spoke with had many compliants of the management staff as far as fixing issues in their apartment homes. Many tenants have broken their lease or have found some ammendwm in their lease to move out! At times I thought I was living at a bar and night club! Loud music as people drove in. Neighbors not very respectful of others. And when these compliants were made, nothing was being done!!!! Or had been done. The pool last year was closed most of the summer! There is no code to get into the very tiny rec room. So if you work like most people do and are unable to enjoy this amenity, then this again would be great for you. If you threaten to leave because of all the many complaints that you have, shrugged shouders. Roaches were found in my food in cabinets, just disgusting! I would be very tolerable and could not complain if I was not a very clean person. I beg to differ! This is a place that youcome to if you cannot move anywhere else! Oh the model apartment looks great! And gives you that warm come on in and live here feeling. The apartments are spacious to some extent. However, I do not reccommend this property to anyone! I have spoken to many and have been told of all the crime that has gone on here as well as the murders and suicides committed on this property! Enjoy your stay! Because I didn't!!!! So glad I have left, my hear there was comlete hell and torture! I have never ever lived somewhere where ittook a year to get repairs and some repairs still till the day I moved out were not made!
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Cascade Glen Apartments

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