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Dunwoody Glen Apartments



Resident · 2016
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
6-27-16 This is an AWFUL apartment complex with horrible management. I advise you all not to live here. We moved from a different city and just picked this place off the internet - BIG mistake.The previous management was okay, the apartments were a dump but at least management was trying to maintain the premises. We have had water dripping onto electrical outlets, possible mold, ANTS (which bite my young daughter), our front door did not lock, soaked carpet that had to be replaced, wet wall with pealing paint, etc. It takes weeks to repair most things - and the only way we get things repaired is by constantly calling, emailing and going to the office. The manager said to me "You can sleep in a room with water and holes in it." SERIOUSLY - she expected my daughter to sleep in somewhere that was unlivable. She refused to work with us, refused any discount or incentives, claiming that they don't work with you that way, they instead "fix things in a reasonable amount of time. - when I told her over 4 weeks was not a reasonable amount of time, she told me "that is your opinion" This apartment is horrible - it is unclean and poorly managed. My family and I have documented everything in case we have to break the lease. If you have children, for their sake, do not move here. Also, children kick their soccer ball against our apartment wall nightly and management has done NOTHING - and a drunk man was urinating in our parking lot last weekend mid day. The apartment above us often smells of marajuana. This place is so bad that the cable guy asked me why we would live in such a bad neighborhood. HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE I GAVE THIS PLACE 1 STAR BECAUSE ZERO STARS WAS NOT AN OPTION
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Dunwoody Glen Apartments

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