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Dunwoody Glen Apartments



Resident · 2017 - 2018
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
FLEAS EVERYWHERE. ROACHES EVERYWHERE. THEY DONT SPRAY FOR MISQUITOS. THE GARBAGE GETS PILED UP AND GOES INTO THE ROAD. LEASING CREW IS AWFUL. KIDS ARE LET LOOSE AND THEY SHOOT FIREWORKS AT SURROUNDING APARTMENTS. CARS GET BROKEN INTO. The apartments look clean at first but they just paint over everything. The bathtub peels apart. The vents are crusted shut because they just paint over it so much that the paint builds up. Walls are paper thin. Matinence sucks. Entire complex is covered in trash. I lived by the water drainage part and people just threw all their garbage down in the water. Horrible. All the appliances broke as soon as they were used. Roaches everywhere. They crew is extremely unprofessional and rude. They get defensive whenever you have a problem. I called 2 months before I planned on moving out to cancel my lease and I was told "come in 30 days before you want to move out and pay your last couple months rent." So I went in to pay and they said I had to give a 60 day notice, so now I'm pissed because I called to check 2 months in advance and I was told 30 days. I called and let them know I was very upset I was told multiple different things cause now I'm screwed over and the assistant manager was awful to me. She freaked out because I told her I didn't have the money all upfront and that I would be able to pay July but I couldn't pay August at the same time. She yelled at me saying they would take me to court if I didn't pay my rent and I'd get charged extra, I tried explaining to her I was still going to pay for the rent I just couldn't pay for July and August at the same time and she said "if you would just be quiet and let me finish talking cause you aren't understanding what I'm saying". When SHE WASNT UNDERSTANDING WHAT I WAS SAYING CAUSE SHE WOULDNT LISTEN TO ME. She thought I was saying I wasn't paying rent AT ALL. But if she would've actually listened to me, I said I can't pay them at the same time! So she finally understood and said "oh okay just come pay it when you move out." So I moved out and turned my keys into the assistant manager and she told me she would call me the next day to let me know what I owed on the apartment. I NEVER got a call or an email or a bill for 5 months! Then I get a collections notice in the mail and they just sent it straight to collections. They didn't even try to get ahold of me. They are malicious. It's christmas time, I have a massive surgery coming up and I'm out of work until my surgery is over so I don't have the money right now. They are unprofessional. How horrible of a person do you have to be to do that to someone.
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Dunwoody Glen Apartments

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