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Ford Factory Square Apartments



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bamboochick • Resident 2003 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/05/2007
i lived in ford factory for a little over 2 years and loved it! the only reason i moved is cuz i moved in with my fiance alot closer to his work. anyway, heres all the stuff i liked and disliked about it.<br><br>location was great for me! im a student at GSU and it was a 10 minute (15 at most) drive to school. didnt have to get in the car to go to kroger, and i could even walk to whole foods if it was a nice day out. only a five minute drive to just about anywhere i wanted to go... little 5 points, highlands... downtown. 10 minutes to east atlanta or buckhead.<br><br>the only thing that sucked about the location was that it felt sketchy at night. i tried not to walk around by myself outside the building late at night, and because i didnt have the covered parking (that costs extra,) i tried to park as close to the leasing office as possible. theres an evening security guard in the office that was always very wary and good at keeping an eye on things outside. and yes the homeless folks in the area would sometimes approach me, but a simple "sorry i dont have anything " would always suffice in response to them.<br> <br>once inside the keyed entry, i felt very safe. i didnt always feel like i had to lock my door and windows, and often left the windows open at night during the summer. <br><br>my neighbors were great. always very friendly and looked out for each other. the few times they were loud, a simple knock on the door to ask them to keep it down a little was fine. nobody ever got defensive or crappy about it.<br><br>my loft faced inward, and i really liked the open air courtyard. i liked being able to hear the rain but still be able to go outside and sit in the breezeway without getting wet. i could leave my plants out there to get sunlight and often would leave my door open so my cat could wander around while i read a book out there. granted, my loft didnt get a ton of sunlight, but i knew that when i moved in. i loved the fact that i could go outside and soak in some sun, or curl up in my lil cave and close the blinds. <br><br>as far as my actual loft was concerned, i was content with it. any time i had a problem, it was usually addressed pretty quickly. the kitchen had some wear and tear, and both the dishwasher and fridge had to be replaced while i was living there. thats my only major complaint... it took 3 months for them to replace the dishwasher (maybe only 2 months, but a loooong time!), and only after i started bugging them every day about it. and even then, i didnt get a new one. they moved one in from another unit. the fridge was also moved in from another unit, and it was kinda gross and very obviously used (some of the shelves in the door were taped together.) never had a problem with the heating or air, and my electric bills (no gas!) were always under $50. the bathroom also had some wear and tear... there were some minor cracks in the tub that they patched for me. my front door had no insulation and i could see daylight through it, but they came and insulated that very well for me. i had a weird leak coming through the wall in the living room so every time it rained i had a puddle. it took a few visits for them to figure out how to fix it, but it was fixed. <br><br>office staff was great! they were always friendly, helpful, and personable. once in a while they would do fun tenant appreciation stuff, like the jack-o-lantern contest and early bird breakfast. <br><br>once i moved out, i received my ENTIRE deposit back, both my normal deposit AND my pet deposit! got it within three weeks of the end of my lease. keep in mind of course that i *cleaned* the place after i got all my stuff out. all i did was ask the office staff what i needed to do to get the deposit back and they told me what they would be looking for. easy as pie! <br><br>the rent was extremely reasonable for the location. overall, it was great, and i miss it already! <br><br>
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Ford Factory Square Apartments

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