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Ford Factory Square Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/07/2007
Bad things about Ford Factory...<br><br>1.Garbage cans in courtyard fill up fast on the weekends. Makes the place look very trashy.<br><br>2.I get hit up by homeless people for change about ` of the time. It's kind of scary if you work late and someone approaches you for change at 3am. <br><br>3.People leave cigarette butts and garbage in the elevators and courtyard.<br><br>4.Parking lot in front is filthy. Fast food bags, empty beer cans, dead pigeons and who knows what else litter the grounds.<br><br>5.People fly through our parking lot to get to kroger at speeds of 40-50mph sometimes. We are right next to city hall, where are the friggin cops?<br><br>6. This is my biggest gripe.... Laundry room is not well kept. The machines would shut off during there cycles. I spent almost $15.00 on two loads once.<br><br>7. Not much of anything for ammenities. No pool,vending machines, weight room, etc. Therefore, rent is kind of high considering.<br><br>8. Moving in was kind of a -----. The easiest way to get your furniture in is through the back garage, but the office staff either doesn't have or won't give you the buzzer to open the gate. So, if you are making more than one trip yo have to get someone from a nearby buisness to come out and open the gate for you. I had to run into camellis and the bar on the corner to bug them to open the gate several times. It seams like they could keep a few spare buzzers in the office for new tennants.<br><br>The Good things...<br><br>1. Location!!!! Tons of places to eat and shop. Krogers is 20ft away and Wholefoods is within walking distance. There are several different back streets you can take to get home after work.<br><br>2. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Beyonca and Linsey are very nice and both live in the lofts. The evening security guard "David" is a great guy and will open the door for you if your hands are full. <br><br>3. All of my neighbors are cool and almost always say hello.<br><br>4. Maintanence is usually quick and complete.<br><br>5. The actual Loft is pretty phat.
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Ford Factory Square Apartments

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